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Ubin Day and Pesta Ubin 2023

Pesta Ubin and Ubin Day are back! 


Pesta Ubin is an annual festival for all who love Pulau Ubin. Through a variety of community-led activities, Pesta Ubin showcases Ubin’s rich natural and cultural heritage, and immerses participants in nature-based outdoor recreation and environmental education. Pesta Ubin 2023 will culminate in Ubin Day, on 24 June. This year, ‘Ubin Connects: A Learning Symposium’ will also be held on Ubin Day. There will be specially curated learning journeys for local educators to discover Ubin’s tremendous potential as a learning greenfield!

The Pesta Ubin organising committee comprises dedicated volunteers who have worked with the National Parks Board (NParks) and other partners to bring you a line-up of exciting activities! You can try your hand at wildlife photography, follow passionate guides on a cycling tour around Ubin, or go on guided walks to learn more about the natural and cultural heritage of our rustic island. For more information, visit the official Pesta Ubin website here. (

We hope to see you there!

Know, Love, Care is the theme for Pesta Ubin 2023 which brings activity organisers, Ubin villagers, and the public as one community to celebrate the best of Pulau Ubin. 
Pesta Ubin is made possible by the passionate members of the Friends of Ubin Network, with support from NParks.


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