Flying Jewels: Cherishing the Butterflies of Singapore

Date: 15 May - 13 Jul 2023
Time: 5am - 12mn
Venue: People's Gallery - Botany Centre (Tanglin Gate), Nassim Gate Visitor Centre and Botanic Gardens MRT Exit A (Bukit Timah Gate)

About the exhibition:
This exhibition provides an exclusive and elusive glimpse into the ethereal world of the six native butterfly families of Singapore. The butterflies have been photographed in action and at rest in their natural habitats in Singapore’s nature reserves, revealing their utmost attractiveness to the viewer. While butterflies are admired for their gossamer beauty, they also play a vital role in the biodiversity and well-being of our environment. Due to loss of habitat, Singapore has already lost about one-third of its native butterflies, and it can’t afford to lose any more. 
By viewing these photographs, visitors can derive pleasure from witnessing the beauty of these so-called “Flying Jewels” and reflect upon how and why there is an urgent need to safeguard their existence. 

About the exhibitors:
This exhibition is arranged by Amy Tsang under the guidance of Dr Anuj Jain and Simon Chan, who are well-known experts in butterfly ecology and former chairpersons of the Butterfly and Insect Group (BIG) of Nature Society, Singapore (NSS). Photographers Gan Cheong Weei, Dr Yi-Kai Tea and Jonathan Soong have been passionate about butterflies since their youth and are active contributors to research on butterflies through their photographs and writing. Photographers Mohd Jusri Bangi, Amy Tsang and Riza Burgos are avid butterfly watchers who monitor threatened butterflies and support their conservation by painstakingly growing their host plants wherever feasible.



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