Mingxin Foundation Rambler's Ridge

Daily 7am - 7pm

No dogs allowed

Ascend the ridge via a barrier-free path lined with trees such as the critically endangered Spike Oak (Lithocarpus elegans) and Braided Chestnut (Castanopsis inermis). Those looking for more of an adventure can then continue along the hiking trail, and then descend the rocky steps to return to the path.

The ridge draws its inspiration from unique forest habitats on the tropical hills of Southeast Asia. Some of these environments, such as the Kerangas heath forests, are known for their harsh conditions, with poor soil and exposure to strong winds. As such, the plants that naturally occur in these landscapes have evolved fascinating adaptations.

Mingxin Foundation Rambler's Ridge is connected to the Learning Forest via the HPL Canopy Link, which crosses over Tyersall Ave. 


Mingxin Foundation Rambler's Ridge


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