Notice01 Apr 2024
The exhibition spaces at Level 1 of the Botanical Art Gallery are closed from 1 - 28 Apr for a change of exhibition. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Botanical Art Gallery

Daily 9am - 6pm

(Last entry at 5.30pm)

Closed every last Thursday of the Month

The Botanical Art Gallery is housed within the second refurbished conserved building, Gallop House No. 7 (Inverturret), which was built in 1906. The gallery highlights the vital role that art plays in the scientific documentation of plants in Singapore and the region, as well as how art can inspire renewed appreciation of the natural world around us. This is Singapore’s first permanent display of botanical art, where visitors can see a selection of the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ collection that includes more than 2,000 botanical paintings, as well as hundreds of sketches, line drawings and photographs. The display showcases various art forms, from original watercolours and ink drawings to prints and printing blocks.

Some of the iconic artworks on display include paintings by James the Alwis, the first botanical artist employed by the Gardens in 1890, and modern watercolours by renowned artist Waiwai Hove. The artworks are displayed on rotation to offer the public a varied experience as well as to ensure their long term preservation by limiting their exposure to light. 

Exterior of Botanical Art Gallery

Interior of Botanical Art Gallery

Activity room of Botanical Art Gallery

Interior of Botanical Art Gallery

Visitors are also able to try their hand at the various techniques involved in botanical illustration, such as sketching, mixing colours, and composing layouts. The activity room also offers sweeping views of the forested areas surrounding the house.  

The Botanical Art Gallery features changing exhibitions that complement the Gardens’ permanent artwork collection. Find out more information about the last exhibition here 'Capturing Nature Exhibition'.

    Interior of Botanical Art Gallery

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