Singapore Botanic Gardens publishes the magazine Gardenwise and the botanical journal The Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore. Both titles are published twice per year.

Gardenwise contains articles on the wide breadth of horticultural, educational, recreational and scientific life of Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The Gardens' Bulletin Singapore is a peer-reviewed journal publishing original papers and reviews on plant structure and taxonomy (including revisions), evolution and biogeography, floristics, ecology and conservation, as well as related fields such as horticulture and ethnobotany, with emphasis on the plant life of the Southeast Asian-Pacific region.

The Flora of Singapore will be published in 14 volumes to document and describe the plant diversity of Singapore. All plant families are pre-assigned to a volume and each volume will be published and also made available here when all of the content of the volume is available. Families from volumes not yet published may also be posted here in a text-only form if they are completed long before the rest of the content of their volume.

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