Notice18 Aug 2023
The Centre for Ethnobotany will be closed from 18 August till 2 September

Centre for Ethnobotany

Ethnobotany Centre 1

Opened in 2018, the Centre for Ethnobotany features interpretive exhibitions and artefacts which showcase traditional knowledge and customs from our region relating to plants and their uses. Housed in a two-storey building inspired by the black-and-white and Art Deco architectural styles, the Centre complements the Ethnobotany Garden.

The lower floor of the Centre houses permanent exhibits along three main themes: Plants Shaping the Region and Beyond, The Cornucopia of the Botanical World and Preserving Plants and Indigenous Knowledge. Visitors may view artefacts derived from plant materials and engage with interactive media to learn more about these topics.

Ethnobotany Centre 2

Ethnobotany Centre 3 

Ethnobotany Centre 4

From the upper floor of the Centre, visitors have a view of the Ethnobotany Garden and can explore it via a virtual tour.

Ethnobotany Centre 5

Temporary exhibitions are presented on the upper floor of the Centre. These exhibitions are focused on specific plant groups of interest and are usually rotated every six to nine months.


Past exhibitions have included:

The Ethnobotany of the Jackfruit Tree Family [Pg 34-35]

Plants That Heal [Pg 22-23]

Diversity & Ethnobotany of the Anacardiaceae (Mango Family) [Pg 17-21]

The King of Fruits: Ethnobotany & Diversity of the Durians [Pg 23-26]

Home: Made with Plants (in collaboration with SayurStory)

Uncommon Market Vegetables [Pg 10-14]


Find out more about the Centre’s ongoing exhibition here.


Operating Hours:

Daily 9am – 6pm

Closed on the last Wednesday of every month

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