Keppel Discovery Wetlands

View of the SPH Wetlands at Learning Forest

The Keppel Discovery Wetlands is a 1.8-hectare restoration project of the forest wetland ecosystem that was historically found in the vicinity of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. On display is a carefully curated collection of plant species that are typical of freshwater forest wetland habitats in the region. Today, these habitats are highly endangered.

In recognition of Keppel Corporation's contribution to the Gardens, the restored freshwater wetland was named the Keppel Discovery Wetlands.

Some of the highlights of the Keppel Discovery Wetlands are the Orchid Islands, Botanists' Boardwalk and Pulai Marsh.


Orchid Islands

The Orchid Islands showcase a large number of native orchids, many of which have been conserved through NParks’ native orchid conservation programme.

Botanists’ Boardwalk

The Botanists' Boardwalk showcases the work of some of the Gardens' illustrious botanists  ̶  Nathaniel Cantley (Superintendent from 1880 to 1888), Henry Ridley (Director from 1888 to 1912) and E J H Corner (Assistant Director from 1929 to 1945). The landscape around the boardwalk features plant species that have been collected from around the region and named in honour of our botanical pioneers.  

Pulai Marsh

The Pulai Marsh collects water from the surrounding area, and is also fed by a natural spring. This spring contributes enough water to fill one Olympic-sized swimming pool every month! The Pulai Marsh supports a rich diversity of flora and fauna.


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