This is a photo of the Bandstand. A heritage landmark located in the Gardens.   

The octagonal gazebo known as the Bandstand was erected in 1930 and has retained its original form over the years. The Bandstand site was initially just a small hill that stood at 33 m above sea level and was the highest point at the Tanglin Core site. This hill was levelled off around 1860s to serve as the site for regimental bands to perform surrounded by terraced flower beds and palms.Although no longer used for music performances, it is a favourite wedding photo spot and an iconic landmark of the Gardens.


One of the notable landscape features of the Bandstand today is the ring of Yellow Rain Trees (Samanea saman) surrounding it. The Rain Tree usually has light green foliage, but due to a mutation, some trees produced yellow leaves and some of these plants have been re-produced by cloning. The Yellow Rain Trees have been planted here for the enjoyment of visitors.  

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