Dr Daniel C. THOMAS




Research Interests

My work deals with the systematics, evolution and historical biogeography of tropical flowering plants with current taxonomic focus on Annonaceae, Begoniaceae, and Lauraceae. I am interested in the use of dated phylogenies, fossils, palaeogeographic reconstructions and various other disparate data sources to investigate the historical assembly of tropical floras, and the impact of historical processes on current patterns of species distributions and diversity in the Southeast Asian tropics. I dedicate substantial time to field and taxonomic work underpinning this research.


Current Research

1) Plastome phylogenetics and historical biogeography of Annonaceae subfamily Malmeoideae.

2) Historical biogeography of Goniothalamus (Annonaceae).

3) Plastome phylogenetics and historical biogeography of Asian Lauraceae.

4) Revisionary work on Alseodaphne, Dehaasia and Nothaphoebe (Lauraceae) for the Flora Peninsula Malaysia and Flora of Singapore.

5) Systematics of Southeast Asian Begonia.


Selected Publications

Thomas, D.C., Tang, C.C. & Saunders, R.M. (2017). Historical biogeography of Goniothalamus and Annonaceae tribe Annoneae: dispersal–vicariance patterns in tropical Asia and intercontinental tropical disjunctions revisited. Journal of Biogeography 44(12): 2862–2876.

Lin, C.W., Thomas, D.C., Ardi, W.H. & Peng, C.-I (2017). Begonia ignita (sect. Petermannia, Begoniaceae), a new species with orange flowers from Sulawesi, Indonesia. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 69(1): 89–95.

Li, P.S., Thomas, D.C. & Saunders, R.M. (2017). Historical biogeography and ecological niche modelling of the Asimina-Disepalum clade (Annonaceae): role of ecological differentiation in Neotropical-Asian disjunctions and diversification in Asia. BMC Evolutionary Biology 17(1): 188.

Lau, J.Y., Guo, X., Pang, C.C., Tang, C.C., Thomas, D.C. & Saunders, R.M. (2017). Time-dependent trapping of pollinators driven by the alignment of floral phenology with insect circadian rhythms. Frontiers in Plant Science 8: 1119.

Guo, X., Tang, C.C., Thomas, D.C., Couvreur, T.L. & Saunders, R.M. (2017). A mega-phylogeny of the Annonaceae: taxonomic placement of five enigmatic genera and support for a new tribe, Phoenicantheae. Scientific Reports 7(1): 7323.

Guo, X., Hoekstra, P.H., Tang, C.C., Thomas, D.C., Wieringa, J.J., Chatrou, L.W. & Saunders, R.M.K. (2017). Cutting up the climbers: Evidence for extensive polyphyly in Friesodielsia (Annonaceae) necessitates generic realignment across the tribe Uvarieae. Taxon 66: 3–19.

Weigend, M., Selvi, F., Thomas, D.C. & Hilger, H.H. (2016). Boraginaceae. In: Kadereit, J.W., & Bittrich, V. (eds) The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants 14: 41–102.

Niissalo, M.A., Williams, C.E., Kurzweil, H. & Thomas, D.C. (2016). Rediscovery in Singapore of Plocoglottis lowii Rchb.f. (Orchidaceae). Nature in Singapore 9: 41–46.

Kidner, C., Groover, A., Thomas, D.C., Emelianova, K., Soliz-Gamboa, C. & Lens, F. (2016). First steps in studying the origins of secondary woodiness in Begonia (Begoniaceae): combining anatomy, phylogeny, and stem transcriptomics. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 117(1): 121–138.

Thomas, D.C., Chatrou, L.W., Stull, G.W., Johnson, D.M., Harris, D.J., Thongpairoj, U. & Saunders, R.M.K. (2015). The historical origins of palaeotropical intercontinental disjunctions in the pantropical flowering plant family Annonaceae. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 17(1): 1–16.

Tang, C.C., Thomas, D.C., & Saunders, R.M.K. (2015). Molecular phylogenetics of the species-rich angiosperm genus Goniothalamus (Annonaceae) inferred from nine chloroplast DNA regions: correlated evolutionary changes in fruit morphology. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 92: 124–139.

Tang, C.C., Thomas, D.C. & Saunders, R. M. (2015). Molecular and morphological data supporting phylogenetic reconstruction of the genus Goniothalamus (Annonaceae), including a reassessment of previous infrageneric classifications. Data in Brief 4: 410–421.

Moonlight, P.W., Richardson, J.E., Tebbitt, M.C., Thomas, D.C., Hollands, R. & M. Hughes. (2015). Continental-scale diversification patterns in an mega-diverse genus: the biogeography of Neotropical Begonia L. Journal of Biogeography 42(6): 1137–1149.

Merckx, V.S.F.T., Hendriks, K.P., Beentjes, K.K., Mennes, C.B., Becking, L.E., Peijnenburg, K.C.T.A., Afendy, A., Arumugam, N., de Boer, H., Biun, A., Buang, M.M., Chen, P.-P., Chung, A.Y.C., Dow, R., Feijen, F.A.A., Feijen, H., Feijen-van Soest, C., Geml, J., Geurts, R., Gravendeel, B., Hovenkamp, P., Imbun, P., Ipor, I., Janssens, S.B., Jocque, M., Kappes, H., Khoo, E., Koomen, P., Lens, F., Majapun, R.J., Morgado, L.N., Neupane, S., Nieser, N., Pereira, J.T., Rahman, H., Sabran, S., Sawang, A., Schwallier, R.M., Shim, P.-S., Smit, H., Sol, N., Spait, M., Stech, M., Stokvis, F., Sugau, J.B., Suleiman, M., Sumail, S., Thomas, D.C., van Tol, J., Tuh, F.Y.Y., Yahya, B.E., Nais, J., Repin, R., Lakim, M. & Schilthuizen, M. (2015). Evolution of endemism on a young tropical mountain. Nature 524: 347–350.

Li, P.S., Thomas, D.C., & Saunders, R.M.K. (2015). Phylogenetic reconstruction, morphological diversification and generic delimitation of Disepalum (Annonaceae). PLOS ONE 10(12): e0143481.



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