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Email Address: David_Middleton@nparks.gov.sg


Research Interests and International Engagement

My research focus is on the plant biodiversity of Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia. I am the editor-in-chief of the Flora of Singapore which is a project to revise and publish all species of bryophytes, lycophytes, ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms that are native, naturalised or casual in Singapore. Three volumes were published in 2019 of the planned 14 volumes to be published over ten years. My taxonomic research is particularly on the families Apocynaceae and Gesneriaceae. I have undertaken revisions of several genera in Apocynaceae, subfamilies Rauvolfioideae and Apocynoideae, and contributed to the major Southasian Flora projects. My other main area of research interest is on the taxonomy of Southeast Asian Gesneriaceae, including collaboration with phylogenetic systematics to clarify generic delimitations. I also have an interest in the ferns of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, particularly in providing tools for the identification of taxa. In addition I am the editor-in-chief of Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore, on the Board of the Flora Malesiana Foundation, the Editorial Board of the Flora of Thailand and the Editorial Board of the Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany).


Current Research

  1. Flora of Singapore.
  2. The diversity and conservation of plants in Singapore and the wider Southeast Asian region.
  3. Coordination and taxonomic work on the Gesneriaceae for the Flora of Thailand.
  4. International collaboration with other Gesneriaceae systematists to clarify generic limits.


Selected  Publications

Camara-Leret, R. et al. [99 authors including Middleton, D.J.]. (2020). New Guinea has the world's richest flora. Nature 584: 579–583.
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