Dr HO Boon Chuan

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Research Interests

I have a special interest in plant biodiversity and evolution of tropical Southeast Asia and adjacent regions. My first area of botanical research was in bryology, the study of mosses, liverworts and hornworts, which include taxonomy, biodiversity in Asia and molecular systematics. This passion has enabled me to engage in several field excursions in various tropical countries, including Ecuador, Malaysia, Indonesia (Java & Sumatra), Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam. I have recently expanding my interest into flowering plants, especially in the Leguminosae (bean family) of tropical Southeast Asia, one of the largest plant families in the World.


Current Research

  1. Taxonomic treatment of the Bryophytes and Legumes for the Flora of Singapore.
  2. Coordination and taxonomic treatment of the Legumes for the Flora Peninsula Malaysia.
  3. Botanical survey of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore.


Selected Publications

Juengprayoon, W., Ho, B.C. & Chantanaorrapint, S. (2016). The genus Calyptrochaeta (Daltoniaceae, Bryophyta) in Thailand. Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) 44(2): 108–115.
Ho, B.-C., Tan, B.C. & Luong, T.-T. (2015). Guide to the Bryophytes in the Limestone Glass House of Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden. ACB Field Guide Series No. 1. (Fernando, E.S., Miwa, H. & Pollisco Jr., F.A., editors), ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity & the Japan – ASEAN Integration Fund. Los Baños, Philippines. 108p.
Ye, W., Gradstein, S.R., Shaw, A.J., Shaw, B., Ho, B.-C., Schäfer-Verwimp, A., Pócs, T., Heinrichs, J. & Zhu, R.-L. (2015). Phylogeny and classification of Lejeuneaceae subtribe Cheilolejeuneinae (Marchantiophyta) based on nuclear and plastid molecular markers Cryptogamie Bryologie 36(4): 313–333.
Ho, B.-C., Luong, T.-T., Tan, B.C. & Dinh, N.-L. (2015). Additional new and noteworthy moss (Bryophyta) records from Vietnam and Laos. Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution 37(1): 1–11.
Ho, B.-C. (2013). Distichophyllum chenii sp. nov. (Daltoniaceae) from Southeast China. Journal of Bryology 35(3): 180–184.
Yong, K.T., Tan, B.C., Ho, B.C., Ho, Q.Y. & Mohamed, H. (2013). A Revised Moss Checklist of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Research Pamphlet No. 133, Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Malaysia. 152 pp.
Pócs, T., Luong, T.-T. & Ho, B.-C. (2013). New or little known epiphyllous liverworts, XVIII. Records from the Bidoup-Núibà National Park, Vietnam, with the description of Drepanolejeunea bidoupensis, sp. nov. Cryptogamie Bryologie 34(3): 287–298.
Ho, B.-C. (2013). The liverwort genus Marchantia L. (Marchantiophyta: Marchantiopsida) in Singapore, with a new species record. Nature in Singapore 6: 187–190.
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Ho, B.-C., Pokorny, L., Tan, B.C., Frahm, J.-P., Shaw, A.J. & Quandt, D. (2012). Molecular evolution and diversification of the moss family Daltoniaceae (Hookeriales, Bryophyta) with emphasis on unraveling the phylogeny of Distichophyllum and its allies. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 170(2): 157–175.
Hovenkamp, P.H. & Ho, B.-C. (2012b). Oleandraceae. In: H.P. Noteboom (ed.), Flora Malesiana, ser. II, Vol. 4, pp. 123–136. Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, The Netherlands.
Pokorny, L., Ho, B.-C., Frahm, J.-P., Quandt, D. & Shaw, A.J. (2012). Phylogenetic analyses of morphological evolution in the gametophyte and sporophyte generations of the moss order Hookeriales (Bryopsida). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 63(2): 351–364. 
Ho. B.-C., Tan, B.C. & Nathi, Y. (2010). New and Noteworthy records of Distichophyllum (Daltoniaceae, Bryopsida) and allied genera in Asia and Australasia. Tropical Bryology 31: 106–122. 
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Ho, B.-C. & Kruijer, J.D. (Hans) (2007). Growth Patterns in Calyptrochaeta Desv. (Daltoniaceae). In: A.E. Newton & R. Tangney (eds.), Pleurocarpous mosses: Systematics and Evolution. Systematics Association Special Volume Series 71, Chapter 5: 111–115. CRC Press, Boca Raton
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Tan, B.C., Ho, B.-C. & Seah, B.K.-B. (2004). Two new moss species, Trichosteleum fleischeri and Splachnobryum temasekensis, from Singapore. Journal of the Hattori Botanical laboratory 96: 1–7.



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