Dr Louise NEO

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Email Address: Louise_NEO@nparks.gov.sg


Research Interests

I am broadly interested in the plant taxonomy/systematics, phytogeography and forest ecology of tropical Asian rainforests. My past work has included floristic studies of Singapore’s vegetation, and mapping and modelling the distribution patterns of endemic plant species and their centres of richness in Borneo. Currently, I am carrying out taxonomic revisionary accounts of Dilleniaceae and Hypericaceae for the Flora of Singapore, and of Melastoma (Melastomaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. I also conduct research for exhibitions at the Centre for Ethnobotany at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Current Research and/or Projects

  1. Revisionary work on Dilleniaceae and Hypericaceae for the Flora of Singapore
  2. Melastoma (Melastomaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore



Selected Publications

Neo L., Wong K.M. & Tan H.T.W. (2020). A synopsis of the endemic plant genera of Borneo. Nordic Journal of Botany 38(9): 1–41. doi: 10.1111/njb.02871

Neo L., Mahyuni R. & Wong K.M. (2020). Perakanthus longipetalus (Rubiaceae), a new combination, and the first record of the genus outside Peninsular Malaysia. Phytotaxa 436(3): 298–300. doi: 10.11646/phytotaxa.436.3.8

Neo L., Tan H.T.W. & Wong K.M. (2020). Studies in Southeast Asian Melastoma (Melastomataceae), 4. Clarification of Melastoma crinitum in Southeast Asia and the reinstatement of Melastoma molle. Phytotaxa 436(2): 196–200. doi: 10.11646/phytotaxa.436.2.10

Wong K.M. & Neo L. (2019). Species richness, lineages, geography, and the forest matrix: Borneo’s ‘Middle Sarawak’ phenomenon. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 71 (Supplement 2, David J. Mabberley Festschrift): 463–496. doi: 10.26492/gbs71(suppl. 2).2019-23

Neo L., Tan H.T.W. & Wong K.M. (2019). Cyanoneuron (Rubiaceae) in Sulawesi? Reaffirmation of a Bornean endemic genus as a cautionary example on the use and interpretation of natural history specimen data. Nordic Journal of Botany 37(5): 1–4. doi: 10.1111/njb.02353

Neo L., ter Huurne S. & Adema F. (2019). A taxonomic revision of the genus Brookea (Plantaginaceae). Phytotaxa 403(3): 171–186. doi: 10.11646/phytotaxa.403.3.2

Neo L., Wong K.M. & Tan H.T.W. (2017). Studies in Southeast Asian Melastoma (Melastomataceae), 3. A new species of Melastoma from Peninsular Malaysia. Phytotaxa 317(4): 286–291. doi: 10.11646/phytotaxa.317.4.3

Neo L., Yee A.T.K., Chong K.Y., Kee C.Y. & Tan H.T.W. (2017). Vascular plant species richness and composition along environmental gradients and landscape contexts in two types of post-cultivation tropical secondary forest. Applied Vegetation Science 20: 692–701. doi: 10.1111/avsc.12322

Neo L., Chong K.Y., Tan S.Y., Koh C.Y., Lim R.C.J., Loh J.W., Ng W.Q., Seah W.W., Yee A.T.K. & Tan H.T.W. (2016). Towards a field guide to the trees of the Nee Soon Swamp Forest (II): Cratoxylum (Hypericaceae). Nature in Singapore 9: 29–39.




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