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Interests & International Engagement

Before adopting my current role as Deputy Director with responsibility for the Library, Training and External Relations, I worked firstly as a research officer in the Singapore Herbarium and later, after obtaining my doctoral degree from the University of Western Australia, I led the Plant Records Unit and then was appointed as a Deputy Director of Horticulture in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. During my stint in the Horticulture branch, I formulated the Plant Records Procedures and Policy as well as the Living Collection Policy of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

My current responsibilities are varied. For the Library, I am working towards improving and modernising the library facilities through adoption of an integrated library management system. I am also trying to create awareness of the rich Gardens’ library and archive collections by collaborating with the National Library Board (Singapore) and the Biodiversity Heritage Library (USA) and by revamping the Library’s web presence. Another of my responsibilities is to develop and manage the collaborative agreements between the Gardens and international botanical institutions. Additionally, I am one of the approving officers for the NParks research permit application. I am also in-charge of the training programmes and scheduling of overseas interns, professional staff exchange programmes for the Gardens, and the development of ad hoc study visit programmes. As part of my training remit, I am actively involved in training staff and volunteers to be docents of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.


Selected Publications


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