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Research Interests

I am interested in exploring the diversity of trees in the biogeographical region called Malesia which lies between mainland Southeast Asia and Australia. Most trees in the equatorial tropics flower and fruit infrequently and hence my interest in forest characters (i.e. bark, leaves, stipules, tree architecture etc.) that are available all year round in the identification and understanding of the tree flora. My past work has included a contribution to the Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak (Popowia, Annonaceae), the establishment of living collections of trees in public parks in Singapore (Yishun Dipterocarp Arboretum, Singing Forest and the Forest of Giants) and teaching at the National University of Singapore Master of Landscape Architecture Programme. Presently, I am documenting the diversity Malvaceae sensu lato (s.l.) subfamily Dombeyoideae in Malesia. I am also working on accounts of Malvaceae s.l., Dipterocarpaceae and Anacardiaceae for the Flora of Singapore. In addition, I am contributing towards an account of Malvaceae for the Flora of Peninsular Malaysia. I also coordinate research and exhibitions at the Centre for Ethnobotany at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.


Current Research

  1. Taxonomic revision, conservation status assessments and molecular phylogeny of Malesian Pterospermum (Dombeyoideae/Malvaceae).
  2. Contributing to the Flora of Singapore: accounts of Malvaceae, Dipterocarpaceae (in collaboration with Prof. Peter Ashton of Harvard University) and Anacardiaceae.
  3. Contributing to the Flora of Peninsular Malaysia: Malvaceae, subfamilies Malvoideae, Sterculioideae and Dombeyoideae (in collaboration with Dr. Richard Chung of the Forest Research Institute Malaysia).
  4. Botanical exploration of undercollected areas in Borneo.
  5. Taxonomy and ethnobotany of lesser known fruit trees (Anacardiaceae, Malvaceae), and timber trees (Dipterocarpaceae, Malvaceae).


Selected Publications

Ganesan, S.K., Lim, R.C.J., Leong, P.K.F & Ng, X.Y. Microcos antidesmifolia (Malvaceae-Grewioideae), a poorly-known species in Singapore. Gardens’ Bulletin, Singapore (in press).

Ganesan, S.K. (2020). An exhibition on the ethnobotany of the Jackfruit tree family. Gardenwise 54:34-35.

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Ganesan, S.K. (2019). Flora of Singapore precusors 15. Nomenclatural novelties in Anacardiaceae. Kew Bulletin. 74: 56.
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Ganesan, S.K. (2003). An exciting new mango species for Singapore. Gardenwise 21:20.



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