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Research Interests


Actinidiaceae: Saurauia in Borneo

Gentianaceae: The Fagraea complex in Southeast Asia

Melastomataceae: Melastoma in Borneo, the Malay Peninsula, Vietnam

Poaceae: Bambusoideae (subtribal and generic classification of Malesian & SW Pacific woody bamboos; introgression and reticulate evolution in the Bambusinae)

Rubiaceae: Gardenieae, Guettardeae (Antirhea & Timonius in Borneo, the Malay Peninsula)

Trees of Borneo


The plant geography and endemic flora of Borneo; attendant conservation perspectives


Current Research and Projects

  1. Taxonomic boundaries in the Bambusoideae: Melocanninae (collaborators: W.L. Goh, K.C. Koshy, D. Ohrnberger, S. Sungkaew, A. Teerawatananon  & N.-H. Xia); Ancient Enduring Clones of bamboo: origins and taxonomy (collaborators: W.L. Goh, S.Y. Wong)
  2. Melastoma in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore (collaborators: L. Neo, W.L. Goh, M. Sugumaran)
  3. Rubiaceae: Timonius in Borneo, a revision (collaborator: J. Chen); Novel and interesting Rubiaceae from Singapore and Southeast Asia (collaborators: J. Chen, W.W. Seah; J.T. Pereira; S. Sungkaew, A. Teerawatananon; Y.H. Cheah, P.K. Hoo, M. Sugumaran)
  4. Tree growth, architecture and management (collaborators: S.K. Ganesan, R. Lim, L. Neo, X.Y. Ng, S. Sungkaew, A. Teerawatananon)
  5. Botanical survey of Brunei Darussalam and Vietnam's Central Mountains Region (collaborators: Brunei Forestry Department, Vietnam Bidoup-NuiBa National Park, Vietnam Southern Institute of Ecology SGN Herbarium, Vietnam Institute of Tropical Biology VNM Herbarium)



Selected Publications

 K.M. Wong & L. Neo (2019) Species richness, Lineages, Geography and the Forest Matrix: Reconciliation at the Beginning of the End? David J. Mabberley Festschrift, Gardens' Bulletin Singapore 71(Suppl. 2): 463-496.
 Đăng Hữu Trần, Trường Hồng Lưu, Đạt Quốc Nguyễn, Cường Hiếu Nguyễn, Parusuraman Athen & K.M. Wong (2018) Identification, sexual dimorphism and aspects of the natural history of Sapria himalayana (Rafflesiaceae) on Vietnam's Lang Biang Plateau. Botanical Studies 59: 29, pp. 1-10. 
 K.M. Wong, R. Mahyuni, X.Y. Ng & L. Neo (2018) Flora of Singapore Precursors, 8. Systematy of the new Southeast Asian genera Canthiumera and Dibridsonia (Rubiaceae: Vanguerieae), with notes on plant architecture and reproductive ecology. Reinwardtia 17(2): 101-124.
 W.L. Goh, S. Sungkaew, A. Teerawatananon, D. Ohrnberger, N.-H. Xia, K.S. Chan, Y.X. How & K.M. Wong (2017) The hybrid origin of Phai Liang, a bamboo of recent introduction into horticulture in Southeast Asia, and a new nothogenus, × Thyrsocalamus (Bambuseae: Bambusinae). Phytotaxa 362(3): 271-281.
 K.M. Wong (2017) Saurauia in Borneo. A revision with 62 new species. Natural History Publications (Borneo) in association with National Parks Board Singapore. 310 p.
K.M. Wong, W.L. Goh, Hathairat Chokthaweepanich, Lynn G. Clark, Sarawood Sungkaew, Elizabeth A. Widjaja & Nian-He Xia (2016) A subtribal classification of Malesian and Southwest Pacific woody bamboos (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Bambuseae) informed by morphological and molecular studies. Sandakania 22: 11-36.
K.M. Wong & J.T. Pereira (2016) A taxonomic treatment of the Asiatic allies of Rothmannia (Rubiaceae: Gardenieae), including the new genera Ridsdalea and Singaporandia. Sandakania 21: 21-64.
K.M. Wong: Studies in Southeast Asian Melastoma (Melastomataceae), 2. The genus Melastoma in Borneo, including 31 new species. Natural History Publications (Borneo) in association with National Parks Board Singapore. 184 p.
J. Chen, H.T.W. Tan & K.M. Wong (2015) A revision of Timonius (Rubiaceae) in Kinabalu Park, Borneo, with notes on typification and species distinction. Plant Ecology and Evolution 148(3): 420-430.
A. van der Ent & K.M. Wong (2016) Range extension of Christisonia scortechinii from mainland Southeast Asia into Borneo, and notes on the distinction between Aeginetia and Christisonia (Orobanchaceae). Botanical Studies 56: 28. [DOI 10.1186/s40529-015-0109-3]
K.M. Wong & C.L. Chan (2015) Kinabalu. The Natural History, Ecology and Biodiversity of a World Heritage Mountain. Natural History Publications (Borneo), Kota Kinabalu. xviii + 162 p.
A. Mouly, K. Kainulainen, C. Persson, A.P. Davis, K.M. Wong, S.G. Razafimandimbison & B. Bremer (2014) Phylogenetic structure and clade circumscriptions in the Gardenieae complex (Rubiaceae). Taxon 63 (4): 801-818. [DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.12705/634.4]
W.L. Goh, S. Chandran, D.C. Franklin, Y. Isagi, K.C. Koshy, S. Sungkaew, H.Q. Yang, N.H. Xia and K.M. Wong (2013) Multi-gene region phylogenetic analyses suggest reticulate evolution and a clade of Australian origin among paleotropical woody bamboos (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Bambuseae). Plant Systematics and Evolution 299: 239-257. [DOI 10.1007/s00606-012-0718-1]
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K.M. Wong (2011) A biogeographic history of Southeast Asian rainforests. Chapter 2 (pp. 21-55) in: Ratnam Wickneswari & Chuck Cannon (eds.), Managing the Future of Southeast Asia’s Valuable Tropical Rainforests: A Practitioner’s Guide to Forest Genetics.Springer Science+Business Media B.V.
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K.M. Wong (2005) Mullerochloa, a new genus of bamboo (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) from north-east Australia and notes on the circumscription of Bambusa. Blumea 50: 425-441. 
K.M. Wong, R. Nilus, G.H. Petol, J.B. Sugau, J.T. Pereira & R.C. Ong (1999) The landscape, vegetation and botany of the Semporna Islands of Sabah, Borneo: A conservation perspective. Sandakania 13: 41–65. 
K.M. Wong (1995) The Bamboos of Peninsular Malaysia.  Malayan Forest Records, No. 41. Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. x + 200 p.
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K.M. Wong, L.G. Saw & K.M. Kochummen (1987) A survey of the forests of the Endau-Rompin area, Peninsular Malaysia: principal forest types and floristic notes. Malayan Nature Journal 41: 125-144.




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