Ms CHOO Le Min

Image of Researcher, CHOO Le Min.



Research Interests 

I am interested in the application of molecular techniques to understanding the various aspects of plant biodiversity, such as complementing the use of morphology to gain new insights in taxonomy, understanding biogeographical patterns and facilitating conservation decisions. I have previously studied the biogeography of the Daniellia clade (Leguminosae: Detarioideae) in Africa and Madagascar, and I am currently working on the taxonomic accounts for the Caesalpinioid subfamily of legumes for the Flora of Singapore, and the molecular phylogenetics of the genus Dialium in South-East Asia.


Current Research and/or Project

  1. Revision of the legume subfamily Caesalpinioideae for the Flora of Singapore
  2. Molecular phylogenetics and taxonomic revision of Asian species of Dialium (Leguminosae: Dialioideae)
  3. Applying molecular techniques to species identification and species delimitation

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