Ms Serena M.L. LEE

Image of Researcher, Ms Serena LEE



Herbarium Management

My main duties involve the overall management of the Herbarium operations unit, the database system (BRAHMS) as well as seeing to the needs of our research visitors.

I am also the Graphics editor for the Flora of Singapore.


Research Interests 

My principle research interest is to document the amazing macro fungi diversity in Singapore. I work with a number of collaborators from China, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand & Russia as well as encouraging more researchers to take an interest in the study of our material.


Selected Publications

Lee, S. (2020). From the Earth: Cups–O–Fungi. Gardenwise 54: 26–28.

Lee, S. & Lee, M. (2020). From the Earth: Jelly fungus – doesn’t matter if you’re black or white! Gardenwise 55: 26–28.
Lee, S.M.L. (2019) Macro–fungal diversity of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 71(Suppl. 1):135–144.
Lee, S. (2019). From the Earth: SpongeBob's cousin found in Singapore Gardenwise 52: 28–29.

Lee, S. (2019). International researchers on the Flora of Singapore project. Gardenwise 53: 31.

Lee, S. & Chan, W.Y. (2019). From the Earth: Fungus–termite partnerships. Gardenwise 53: 32–33. 

Wu, G., Lee, S.M.L., Horak, E. and Yang, Z.L. (2018). Spongispora temakensis, a new boletoid genus and species from Singapore. Mycologia 16: 1–11.

Khmelnitsky, O. & Davoodian, N. & Singh, P. & Raspé, O. & Lee, S.M.L., Fechner, N., Bonito, G., Lebel, T. & Halling, R.E. (2019) Ionosporus: a new genus for Boletus longipes (Boletaceae), with a new species, I. australis, from Australia. Mycological Progress 18:439–451–018–01463–1

Zamora, J. C., Svensson, M., Kirschner, R., Olariaga, I., Ryman, S., Lee, S., … Ahti, T. (2018). Considerations and consequences of allowing DNA sequence data as types of fungal taxa. IMA Fungus, 9(1), 167–185. doi:10.5598/imafungus.2018.09.01.10
Lee, S. (2018). From the Earth: Phallus or Stinkhorn fungi. Gardenwise 50: 24–25.
Lee, S. & Bazilah, I. (2018). Around the Gardens: The SING boxes – to infinity and beyond. Gardenwise 50: 33–34.
Lee, S. (2018). Collaborators in Research: International researchers on the Flora of Singapore Project. Gardenwise 51: 28.
Lee, S. (2018). From the Earth: Puffballs, earthballs and earthstars, oh my! Gardenwise 51: 29–31.



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