Ms Serena M.L. LEE

Image of Researcher, Ms Serena LEE



Herbarium Management

My main duties involve the overall management of the Herbarium operations unit, the database system (BRAHMS) as well as seeing to the needs of our research visitors.

I am also the Graphics editor for the Flora of Singapore.


Research Interests 

My principle research interest is to document the amazing macro fungi diversity in Singapore. I work with a number of collaborators from China, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand & Russia as well as encouraging more researchers to take an interest in the study of our material.


Selected Publications

Lee, S.M.L., K.B.H. Er, A.H.B. Loo & W.F. Ang (2021) Rediscovery of the Sculptured Toadstool, Amanita sculpta (Amanitaceae) in Singapore. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 73(1):1–7. Doi: 10.26492/gbs73(1).2021-01

Lee, S. (2021) From the Earth: The sum of its parts. Gardenwise 57: 27–28.
Lee, S., Middleton, D.J. & Leong-Skonickova, J. (2021) Development of new herbarium boxes to ensure the longevity of SING’s collections, to promote our boxes to the world. The Vasculum 16: 12–18. (
Voto P., Lee S.M.L., Dibán, M.J., Maraia, G. (2022). Rachipsathyra, a new genus in Psathyrellaceae - Part I. Mycological Observations 4:11−12

Lee, S.M.L. (2022) The status of bioluminescent fungal species in Singapore. Nature in Singapore, Supplement 1: e2022124. DOI: 10.26107/NIS-2022-0124

Lee, S. & Jaya Seelan (2022) From the Earth: Edible fungi. Gardenwise 59: 30–33.
Ting Huang, Lin-Jie Su, Nian-Kai Zeng, Serena ML Lee, Su-See Lee, Bee Kin Thi, Wen- Hao Zhang, Jing Ma, Hongyan Huang, Shuai Jiang and Li-Ping Tang (2023) Notes on Amanita section Validae in Hainan Island, China. Frontiers in Microbiology 4:11−12
Lee, S.M.L, Helfer, S. & Watling, R. (2023) Defining Xerocomus s.str. (Boletaceae) in Malesia. Journal of Tropical Biology & Conservation 20: 27−43. Doi: https://10.51200/jtbc.v20i.4639
Hong, Y., Tan, J.Y., Xue, H., Chow, M.L., Mohamed Ali, Ng, A., Leong, A., Yeo, J., Koh, S.M., Tang, M.S.Y., Lee, Y.Y., Choong, A.M.F., Lee, S.M.L., Ponti, R.D., Chan, P.M., Lee, D., Wong, J.Y., Marek Mutwil and Fong, Y.K. (2023) A metagenomic survey of wood decay fungi in the urban trees of Singapore. Journal of Fungi 9, 4 (2023): 460.
Lee, S.M.L. & Choong, A.M.F. (2023). A Guide to Macrofungi in Singapore. Oxford Graphic Printers Pte Ltd. 230pp.
Park, D.S., Feng, X., Akiyama, S., Ardiyani, M., Avendaño, N., Barina, Z., Bärtschi, B., Lee, S.M.L., ... & Davis, C.C. (2023). The colonial legacy of herbaria. Nature Human Behaviour: 1-10.
Lee, S. (2023). From the Earth: Edible fungi in Sabah and Singapore. Gardenwise 60: 27–29.
Yee, Y.L. & Lee, S. (2023). From the Earth: Out of Sight, Out of Mind—The Marasmiaceae mushrooms in Singapore. Gardenwise 61: 26–28.
Lee, S. (2024). From the Earth: Fungi-Animal interactions. Gardenwise 62: 34–37.



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