Arts@SBG: Community Arts Residency 2023 - Planting Memory Cubes Workshops

Date: 26 Nov, 3, 9, 16 Dec 2023
Time: 10am-12.30pm or 2.30-5pm
Venue: Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens (Tanglin Gate)
Fees: Free. Register for the workshops here.

This workshop is suitable for beginners, and participants must be 14 years old and above. Participants must attend at least 2 workshops.

  Planting Memory Cubes

In this workshop, participants will have a chance to create artworks that will be exhibited at the Singapore Botanic Gardens as part of Singapore Art Week 2024. Planting Memory Cubes invites visitors to unearth the diverse personal anecdotes and cherished moments tied to specific spaces within the Gardens.

Workshop 1: Photography
Participants will learn to compose and capture interesting photographs at different areas of the Singapore Botanic Gardens that evoke a personal memory or narrative, and in the process, draw inspirations from the intricate details of nature, emphasising textures, patterns, and colours found within the Gardens.

Workshop 2: Collage
Through collage, participants will be encouraged to deconstruct and reconstruct images and materials, creating reimagined narratives and perspectives inspired by the lush surroundings. Pressed plants, recycled magazines, newspaper, leaflets and photo printouts will also be utilised in the collaging process.

Workshop  3: Found objects and Papier-mâché
Moving on from 2D medium to 3D, participants will gather found objects and combine them into evocative compositions. They will also learn about papier-mâché techniques, which can be used to sculpt something new or to build upon their found objects.

Workshop 4: Diorama
Through dioramas, participants will construct miniature, immersive landscapes that encapsulate specific moments within the Gardens. Within a clear acrylic cube box, they will compose their miniature diorama using the found objects and papier-mâché sculptures they have created from the previous session. They will paint or colour their creations, as well as further embellish their artwork with cutouts, and assorted embellishments.

About the artist
Jaxton Su (b.1988) is a visual artist who works with painting, installation and new media. He holds a Master of Fine Art from The Glasgow School of Art (UK) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Nanyang Technological University, where he currently lectures. Jaxton was awarded the StudyUK Alumni Award in Culture and Creativity by the British Council Singapore in 2022. With a passion of making the arts accessible to the masses, Jaxton has initiated a variety of community-based projects.

About the Arts@SBG: Community Arts Residency
The Arts@SBG: Community Arts Residency aims to give artists the opportunities to inquire, develop arts-based collaborations and co-create with the community artworks that will shape communal public spaces and reflect the collective stories of the people. The artists will also have an opportunity to gather insights from Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the first and only tropical botanic gardens on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list – the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This Residency is part of Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is part of the National Arts Council’s Arts and Culture Nodes Network.

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