Blumentanz / Flower Dance: An Experimental Animation Exhibition

Date: 26 January 2024 – 25 January 2025
Venue: Botanical Art Gallery, Level 2
Open daily*, 9am - 6pm (Last entry at 5.30pm)
*Closed on the last Thursday of every month

About the exhibition
This exhibition consists of an animation trilogy and four AR-enabled still images created using natural media and more than one hundred plants. The artworks evoke the emotional journey of a woman in love – from falling in love to finding the love of a lifetime and marriage. 

The three-part animation visually focusses on plant growth and development, from the germination of seeds and the growth of stems and leaves to flowering and fruiting. Musically, it is set to three parts (poems II, III and V) of the famous song cycle Frauenliebe und Leben by the German Romantic composer Robert Schumann (1810–1856). 

Plants as metaphors for womanly love and the music score from the Romantic era lend the exhibition a rich and delicate emotional feel. 

Visitors are encouraged to interact with the AR-enabled still images by following the instructions on the panel next to the images and see them come alive.

Raito Blumentanz / Flower Dance 4

About the artist
Raito Low Jing-Yi is a stop-motion animation creator from Malaysia based in Taiwan. She creates a unique visual vocabulary using plants to represent the subtleties of feminine emotions. Her animation style is experimental and dynamic, allowing her art to develop its own shape and form in the mind’s eye of the viewers as they interact with it. Her work has been short-listed at more than a hundred film festivals across the world.

Raito Blumentanz / Flower Dance 1

Raito Blumentanz / Flower Dance 2

Raito Blumentanz / Flower Dance 3

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