Melting Ice, Sinking Cities

Date  : 23 June 2023 - 31 March 2024

Time : 9am to 6pm*

Venue : CDL Green Gallery

CDL Melting Ice Sinking Cities

CDL Melting Ice Sinking Cities

“Melting Ice, Sinking Cities: An Urgency to Change the Present and Save Humanity” is the third edition of the Climate Action Exhibition series, jointly presented by City Developments Limited (CDL), National Parks Board (NParks) and Ocean Geographic (OG). Held at the refreshed CDL Green Gallery located at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the exhibition will run from 23 June 2023 till March 2024, in support of global and national climate action. Visitors are invited on a journey to the Antarctic, where climate change, rising temperatures and melting glaciers threaten the well-being of life across the globe. It also highlights Singapore’s commitment to preserving our rich marine biodiversity and coastal resilience. By showcasing the interconnectedness of climate change and the health of our ocean, people, and the planet, CDL, NParks and OG aim to raise awareness and inspire action for positive change.

The exhibition is also available for online viewing at

*Closed on the last Tuesday of every month, except on public holidays. In such cases, the closure day will take place on the next working day

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