Jul 1998, Vol. 11

Date Published 01 July 1998
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Message from the CEO

Singapore Botanic Gardens' Rain Forest

Fragrant Orchids at the National Orchid Garden

Plant Records Keeping-An Unnecessary Luxury or
a Luxurious Necessity?

Wanderings in the Great Forests of Borneo

Unusual Plants at the Sun Rockery

Horticulture in Singapore Honoured

New and Exciting

Jan 1998, Vol. 10

Date Published 01 January 1998
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Message from the CEO

Ways to Enjoy and Display African Violets

Palms in our Gardens

Armchair Tour of National Orchid Garden

New & Exciting

Rare Aroids in Bloom

A Palm or a Look-A-Like

Obituary – Edred John Henry Corner

A Note of Thanks

Jul 1997, Vol. 09

Date Published 01 July 1997
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Message from the CEO

The Magnificent Tembusu

A Room with a View

VIP Orchids

Forest Plants

Seychelles Nut, Coco-De-Mer, or Double Coconut, A Spectacular Palm in The Gardens

BG-Base: A Curatorial Tool for the Living Collection in the Singapore Botanic Gardens


Jan 1997, Vol. 08

Date Published 01 January 1997
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Message from the CEO

From the Director

The Role of Singapore Botanic Gardens in a City Economy

African Yam

Pollination Mechanisms of Orchids

The Aroid House


Annuals in Your Garden

Jewels of the Water

Dec 1994, Vol. 07

Date Published 01 December 1994
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Executive Director’s Message

Restoring a Fort Canning Monument

Dinosaurs Invade the Botanic Gardens

Animals Abound in the Nature Reserves

Researchers from China Share Work

Centrespread: Spotlight on Chairman

Welcoming Our New Board Members

Spotlight on Staff

Research Notes: Angsana Wilt Project

What’s Blooming

Branching Out

National Orchid Garden Named

A Charitable Caused

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