Sept 2017, Vol. 49

Date Published 01 September 2017
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An infinitesimal flowering plant on our little red dot

Six interesting plants encountered in Nanga Bloh of the Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary

The launch of the Larening Forest

New art at the Botanic Gardens

The propagation and reintroduction of Thrixspermum amplexicaule in Singapore


Regular Features

From the Taxonomy Corner
The Flora of Singapore

Collaborators in Research
Kick starting the Flora of Singapore project

From the Earth
The 'elusive silver eggs' of the Bird's Nest Fungus

From Education Outreach
Planting giants, seeding dreams

Bean business
Dragon Fruit explained

What's Blooming
A blooming giant alien ...

Around the Gardens
Reaching out to connect ...
NParks signs a Memorandum-of-Understanding with the Sabah Forestry Department

Beyond the Gardens
The 6th Southeast Asia Botanic Gardens Network Conference

Key Visitors to the Gardens
January–June 2017

From the Archives
Back Cover The Tea Kiosk


Feb 2017, Vol. 48

Date Published 01 February 2017
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Dr Benito Ching Tan (1946-2016)

The Singapore Gardening Society celebrates 80 years

Nature printing, the art, craft and science of making leaf prints

A preliminary forest survey of the Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary and Batang Ai National Park in Sarawak

Conservation and reintroduction of Bulbophyllum pulchellum - an orchid thought to be extinct in Singapore for more than fifty years

New to cultivation in Singapore

Regular Features

From the Taxonomy Corner
Describing new plant species

Staff Publications
Publications by Gardens' staff in 2016

From Education Outreach
Partnership with schools: Tanglin Secondary School and the Singapore Botanic Gardens

What's Blooming
Something foul is afoot...

Around the Gardens
The Gardens/Kew Tropical Plant Identification Course
Learning and sharing of knowledge…

Beyond the Gardens
Consultation workshop on the conservation of woody, 'exceptional species' in Southeast Asia
The planting of Globba leucantha at the Methodist Girls' School
Scratchpads workshop at Ubon Ratchthani University
The Flora Malesiana Symposium at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

From the Earth
Tales from the other side

Book Reviews
The Genus Melastoma in Borneo
Nature's Colony: Empire, Nation and Environment in the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Key Visitors to the Gardens
July–December 2016

From the Archives
Back Cover The Orchid Enclosure


Aug 2016, Vol. 47

Date Published 01 August 2016
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Mysterious identity of a more than 90-year-old Silk Tree illuminated

The Double Coconut: Threatened wonder of the botanical world 

A rare nutmeg finally reveals itself in the Gardens’ Rain Forest

An early photograph of the Gardens

Orchids galore flowering in the National Orchid Garden’s Cool House

Celebrating Singapore's horticultural heritage

Regular Features

From the Taxonomy Corner
Changing ideas of plant families

Research Fellows
Botanical Research Fellows in the Gardens 2015–2016

From Education Outreach
‘Singapore Botanic Gardens — Our Heritage’: Roadshow and assembly talks for primary and secondary schools
On-the-Spot Poetry and Photography Competition for primary school children

Beyond the Gardens
The Asia Pacific Orchid Conference 2016
A small piece of Singapore in Miyazaki Prefecture…

Around the Gardens
Partnering Methodist Girls’ School in the conservation of native plants
Learning and sharing…

What's Blooming
Not the usual Dendrobiums…

Book Review
A Guide to Hoyas of Borneo

VIPs in the Gardens
January–June 2016

From the Archives
Back Cover Topiary of the Gardens


Feb 2016, Vol. 46

Date Published 01 February 2016
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Mohammed Noor Bin Jumaat (1940-2015)

Keith Hillier (1929-2015)

Descendants of Lawrence Niven, the Gardens' first manager

Frank Kingdon-Ward: 'The last of the great plant hunters'

A botanical expedition to Laos

Saving native gingers in the tissue culture lab

The Holttum orchids, and the need for conservation of heritage plants

Rediscovery and reintroduction of Robiquetia spathulata in Singapore

Regular Features

From the Taxonomy Corner
Celebrating Singapore in Plant Names

Staff Publications
Publications by Gardens' staff in 2015

From Education Outreach
'Herbarium on Stage' - a collaboration between the Singapore Botanic Gardens, French Embassy of Singapore and Klorane Institute

Beyond the Gardens
A three-part programme on tropical bryophytes and pteridophytes of Southeast Asia

Around the Gardens
NParks signs a Memorandum-of-Understanding with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Renewal of ties between sister gardens

What's Blooming
Mythical Medusa in the form of an orchid

Book Review
A Garden of Medicinal Plants: Book 2

Key Visitors to the Gardens
July - December 2015

From the Archives
Back Cover Vegetable plots in the Gardens during the Japanese Occupation


Aug 2015, Vol. 45

Date Published 01 August 2015
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The UNESCO journey

The Singapore Botanic Gardens celebrates
Singapore’s Golden Jubilee

An old tiger caged

Early photographic views of the Gardens and its surroundings

Tropical Splendour – Singapore’s first international exhibition of botanical art

Hanguana in Singapore demystified!


Regular Features

Message from the Director

Around the Gardens
Strengthening ties with Vietnam

Wild Plants of Malesia
Elusive mycoheterotrophic angiosperms from the rainforests of Brunei

From the Taxonomy Corner
Current taxonomic publications

Research Fellows
Botanical Research Fellows in the Gardens 2014–2015

What’s Blooming
Dracula orchids, vampires without a bite…

From Education Outreach
Writer-in-the-Gardens Residency Programme

Key Visitors to the Gardens
January–June 2015

From the Archives
Back Cover Through a glass negative


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