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Who We Are

As the National Parks Board (NParks) of Singapore, we are committed to enhancing and managing the urban ecosystems of our biophilic City in a Garden. We are the lead agency for greenery, biodiversity conservation, and wildlife and animal health, welfare and management. We also actively engage the community to enhance the quality of our living environment.

Our roots began with the first nationwide tree planting campaign in 1963, which kick-started our greening journey. In 1971, the first annual Tree Planting Day was launched and with that, greening has become part of Singapore's DNA.

With the aim of enhancing the community's overall well-being, and the vision of creating a City in a Garden, we have in the last several decades greened up our roads and infrastructure, transformed our parks and gardens into spaces for everyone to enjoy, and gazetted areas of core biodiversity to conserve our native biodiversity.

Today, we manage four nature reserves, more than 350 parks across Singapore, the Singapore Botanic Gardens and the upcoming Jurong Lake Gardens, Pulau Ubin and the Sisters' Islands Marine Park. Adding to this is the extensive roadside greenery that forms the backbone of our City in a Garden. An island-wide Park Connector Network is also being developed to link major parks, nature areas and residential estates.

Beyond building and rejuvenating green infrastructure, we are actively engaging the community to make green spaces an integral part of our lifestyle with initiatives such as the Community in Bloom programme and volunteering opportunities at our parks and nature reserves.

We have also set up the Community in Nature (CIN) programme to enable the community to help care for our natural heritage by providing a wide range of nature-related opportunities. By encouraging understanding, appreciation, and protection of nature and biodiversity, we hope more in the community will step forward to help care for our natural environment in the long run.

As the lead agency in nature conservation, we have developed an urban biodiversity conservation model, which aims to conserve representative ecosystems in land-scarce Singapore. We also monitor and coordinate measures to enhance the presence of biodiversity in our urban landscape. Just as we are committed to conserving our native biodiversity, we are also determined to help protect the natural ecosystems in other parts of the world by working with partners and stakeholders to eliminate the illegal trade of protected species.

We are also the lead agency for animal and wildlife management, as well as animal and plant health in Singapore. The Animal and Veterinary Service, a cluster within NParks, is the main touch-point for animal-related issues as well as the first responder for animal-related feedback.

Last updated on 30 July 2019

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