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Community Garden Festival

Community Garden Festival 2020

Missed the Community Garden Festival (CGF) held on 24 and 25 October 2020 at HortPark?

Relieve the moments via the CGF 2020 YouTube playlist to view all 28 videos. They include a myriad of fun-filled “Gardening with Edibles” themed programmes, from floral arrangement tutorials, gardening tips to interesting DIY and crafts to jazz up your garden!


Recorded Live Segment

You can also play back the recorded live-streams on both days from the comfort of your own home. Topics include gardening tips and experiences from our Allotment Garden and Community In Bloom gardeners and also a Q&A segment with our NParks' plant specialists.

CGF Day 1: 24 October 2020 (Saturday)







Introduction of CGF 2020 Day 1 Programmes.


Community-in-Bloom Garden of the Year 2020

View a photo montage showcasing the winners of the Community-in-Bloom Garden of the Year Award 2020.


Live Chat with our Community-in-Bloom gardeners

Our Community In Bloom gardeners come on board to share their experience running a community garden.


Tour of HortPark’s Highlights

Join us on an all-in-one tour of HortPark’s highlights and learn something new!


Floral Arrangement Demonstration

Learn floral arrangement with a fun twist by using fresh harvest and botanical products in your floral centrepiece.

1:10: 25

Tour of Pasir Panjang Nursery

This tour offers you a rare glimpse into NParks’ behind-the-scenes nursery operations, which are critical in the greening of Singapore.


Tour of Floral Walk

Explore and admire the vibrant fresh blooms and foliage that adorns the gateway to HortPark.



Live Chat with Plant Specialists

Our plant health specialists will be sharing tips on preparing the perfect soil mix at home by exploring soil types and properties for your garden gems.



CGF Day 2: 25 October 2020 (Sunday)




Introduction of CGF 2020 Day 2 Programmes.


Virtual Tour of HortPark’s My Backyard Kitchen

Explore plants that can be grown in your very own backyard or balcony space such as aromatic herbs, spices and edible flowers perfect for teatime spreads, with an Asian twist!


Live Chat with Allotment Gardens gardeners

Our Allotment gardeners share their experience designing their own allotment plots, tips on gardening and culinary uses for the edibles they grow.


Culinary demo video

Chefs from HortPark’s two restaurants, Vineyard and Canopy will be cooking up a storm in our kitchen using edibles sourced easily from a home garden.


Virtual Tour of HortPark’s Valley of Edibles

Journey through the various edible plots showcasing leafy, colourful vegetables and heirloom varieties that can be used in our daily culinary dishes.


Live Chat with Plant Health Specialists

Our plant health specialists will be sharing on plant nutrition by exploring different nutrient types. They will also be talking about potential pests and diseases and how to avoid them when gardening at home. There will also be a live Q&A session!


Hydroponic Kit Demonstration by ComCrop

Do away with soil! Explore using hydroponics kit techniques to enjoy a bountiful vegetable harvest in a small home space.



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