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Biodiversity Week for Schools

Join us in celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity on 22 May with an array of captivating activities!


From 17 to 26 May 2024, students can explore the diversity of local plants and animals in Singapore through NParks’ Biodiversity Week for Schools.


Registration is now open! Please click HERE or scan the QR code on the poster below to register by 22 March 2024.



Activities for Schools

Target Audience

Green Wave

All Schools

Playtime with Hershie the Hermit Crab


BioBlitz for Schools

Upper Primary and above

Festival of Biodiversity

All Schools


Green Wave



Green Wave is a worldwide biodiversity campaign that educates children and youths about the importance of protecting our natural environment.

As Singapore continues to urbanise, we can all help to keep our City in Nature green and vibrant, and one way is by planting more trees.

Each year, students from around the world plant local trees in their school compounds at 10 am on the International Day of Biological Diversity, 22 May. This creates a figurative “Green Wave” that begins in the Far East before rippling across the globe to Singapore.

As part of Green Wave, schools can select either two native trees or five native shrubs to be planted within the school compound.


Target audience: All schools

Resources provided:

1. Info Kit for conducting the activity

2. Either two trees or five shrubs (free delivery to schools)

3. Video resources demonstrating how to plant


Playtime with Rey and Kingsley


Pre-school students (K1/K2) can learn about the wonders of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve  by joining Rey the Common Redshank and Kingsley the Collared Kingfisher on their journey through the mangroves.

Target audience: Preschools

Resources provided:

1.     Rey and Kingsley’s Mangrove Adventure story/activity book (free delivery to schools)

2.     Animated video

3.     Lesson plan


Resources from previous years

If you would like physical copies of the 2017 and 2022 editions of the Playtime series, kindly email to make your request.

Playtime with Paddy the Flying Pulai (2015)

Playtime with Kaya the Otter (2016)

Playtime with Hershie the Hermit Crab (2017)

Playtime with Shelly the Hawksbill Turtle (2018)

Playtime with Doo and Ollie (2019)

Playtime with the Herp Squad (2020)


Playtime with Bobby and Stella (2021)


Playtime with Sam and Ben (2022)


 Playtime with Hershie the Hermit Crab (2023)



BioBlitz for Schools


BioBlitz is a wildlife survey in the school environment over a defined period to document flora and fauna as part of a nation-wide initiative.

Students will learn basic wildlife survey techniques and how to identify common birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. Each school will then select a group of students to participate in a formal survey where they collect the data and submit it to NParks.


Target audience: Upper primary and secondary

Resources provided:

1.     BioBlitz booklet

2.     Paper binoculars

3.     A2 sized posters


Festival of Biodiversity

The Festival showcases Singapore’s impressive variety of native flora and fauna. We hope that this event, which celebrates our natural heritage, will bring about greater awareness of Singapore’s rich biodiversity. Students can look forward to a range of interactive activities and exhibitions by NParks and our interest group partners. Find our more about Festival of Biodiversity HERE!

Last updated on 07 March 2024

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