Roving Biodiversity Exhibition

Keen to learn and share more about Singapore’s biodiversity? NParks provides educational panels on local biodiversity for schools interested to engage their students in learning and sharing about our natural heritage. The following sets of educational panels are available for loan for a period of up to two weeks:

  1. Terrestrial Biodiversity
    These panels feature flora and fauna with a focus on terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems.

  2. Marine Biodiversity
    These panels feature flora and fauna with a focus on coastal and marine ecosystems.

  3. Celebrating SG (Our Natural Heritage)
    These panels feature endemic flora and fauna of Singapore and focuses on the varied roles they have played in our natural heritage.


Teachers are required to conduct outreach activities using the "Passport Challenge" activity cards provided and engage other students to learn about biodiversity through the educational panels. Teachers are also required to complete a short photo journal to document the use of the educational panels in the school.

Participating schools will qualify as a Community in Nature (CIN) School for helping to increase awareness about Singapore’s biodiversity in their school.

The loan of the educational panels is free, subjected to availability during the period of intended use and should be booked at least 3 weeks in advance. To request for the Roving Biodiversity Exhibition Panels, please email CIN@NPARKS.GOV.SG. 


Resources provided:

  • Double-sided educational panels (1.8mH x 2.6mL) for each of the following theme:
    • Terrestrial Biodiversity
    • Marine Biodiversity*
    • Celebrating SG (Our Natural Heritage)
  • 2 double-sided general panels on biodiversity of Singapore, accompanying the Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity panels 

  • Specimens accompanying the Marine panels (optional*)

  • "Passport Challenge" activity cards

  • Encouragement stickers as tokens for students who complete the activity

  • Transportation, setup and tear down of exhibition materials


Please click here for a preview of the resources.



A student attempting the "Passport Challenge" activity card


Visitors viewing the exhibition panels

Roving Biodiversity Exhibition panels being set up in a school library



Last updated on 05 March 2019

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