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Families for Nature

“Families for Nature” is a new initiative which encourages families to experience nature and learn more about Singapore’s biodiversity through exciting events and activities organised under the National Parks Board’s Community in Nature (CIN) programme.

Take part in activities organised throughout the year with your family members! These activities fall into four categories – Nature Adventurer, Wildlife Guardian, CIN Ambassador and SGBioAtlas Contributor.

Participate in all four types of activities and collect unique stamps and puzzle pieces. Upon completion of each activity, you will also receive one of the four puzzle pieces. Collect all four pieces to form a map featuring Singapore’s rich biodiversity.

To sign up for the Families for Nature initiative, click here.



Nature Adventurer

To be a Nature Adventurer, explore Singapore’s biodiversity by taking part in NParks’ guided walks and nature workshops.

Wildlife Guardians

A Wildlife Guardian is a protector of Singapore’s biodiversity. Volunteer for the programmes within this category to learn more about our conservation efforts in Singapore. You will also have the opportunity to participate in programmes throughout the year such as ‘Operation No Release’ and ‘Forest Clean Up’.

CIN Ambassador

To be a CIN Ambassador, you’ll need to bring a friend to one of our Family Day events, such as the CIN Family Day and the annual Festival of Biodiversity. Visit the CIN booth during these events with your friend to collect the stamp and puzzle piece.


SGBioAtlas Contributor

To collect your stamp and puzzle piece under this category, simply upload pictures of local biodiversity spotted in our parks and nature reserves!

Download the SGBioAtlas mobile app and send us sightings of interesting animals and plants around you. Submit your sightings under the project ’Families for Nature‘. Once three or more sightings have been submitted in a month, you will be able to receive a puzzle piece.

Find out more and download the SGBioAtlas app here.


Last updated on 03 September 2016

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