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Intertidal Watch

Intertidal Watch is a citizen science programme that engages the community, from students to public volunteers, to document and monitor the biodiversity of intertidal habitats in Singapore. The main objective is to collect quantitative data over the long term to facilitate science-based decision-making and management of Singapore’s coastal areas.


Intertidal Watch also aims to generate awareness on marine biodiversity and conservation in Singapore. Volunteer activities for Intertidal Watch include intertidal quantitative and qualitative surveys, outreach, design of outreach materials and data management. Volunteers will also have an opportunity to attend a workshop on marine biodiversity to prepare for the intertidal surveys.


Interested to participate in Intertidal Watch? Please email


Intertidal Surveys

Intertidal Watch volunteers laying transect tapes

Laying transect tapes for an Intertidal Watch quantitative survey.

Photo credit: Gwendolyn Chow


Intertidal Watch volunteersIntertidal Watch volunteers sampling within a quadrant

Intertidal Watch volunteers and park managers collecting data using the quadrat method. 
Photo credit: Cheo Pei Rong


Outreach Activities


Intertidal Watch outreach at ADEX 2016Intertidal Watch outreach at ADEX 2016

Intertidal Watch volunteers engaging the public at the Asia Dive Expo in April 2016.

Photo credit: Brian Chan


Intertidal Watch at FOB 2016Intertidal Watch at FOB 2016

Volunteers managing the booth and conducting survey workshops for the public at the Festival of Biodiversity in September 2016.

Photo credit: Cheo Pei Rong


Intertidal Watch at Parks Fest 2016Intertidal Watch at Parks Fest 2016

Intertidal Watch outreach activities at the NParks’ Parks Festival in November 2016.

Photo credit: Cheo Pei Rong


Intertidal Watch animals in Singapore

Some of the intertidal animals observed during our trips.

Photo credit: Cheo Pei Rong

1. Knobbly Sea Star

2. Octopus

3. Orange-striped Hermit Crab

4. Yelloweye Pufferfish

5. Sea Apple Sea Cucumber

6. Salmacis Sea Urchin

7. Biscuit Sea Star

8. Pink Warty Sea Cucumber

9. Weasel Olive Snails


Last updated on 11 October 2017

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