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There’s an explorer in all of us – from scaling monkey bars at the playground to play-acting as detectives, we never settle for the mundane as children.

At National Parks Board (NParks), we reignite this bold, adventurous streak with exciting career opportunities unlike any other. The best part of this is that you play the leading role in creating a green and vibrant living environment for all to share and enjoy. Your role transcends imagination to become an inspiring reality.

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What do our Staff say?

Ow Siew Ngim
Arborist & Deputy Director (Streetscape)

“Every day is an adventure. Being able to learn new things is what I like best about my job.  I even managed to overcome my fear of heights to take up tree climbing, as I was inspired to become a good arborist. Today, I can proudly say that I am a certified tree climber. You don’t need to be a horticultural expert to join NParks – most of my plant knowledge was gained while on the job. What’s most important is your passion and your positive attitude to learn.”  

Siew Ngim has just completed her inspection of the Samanea saman (Rain tree) at Hort Park and is making her descent. (Photo courtesy of Singapore Press Holdings)

Siew Ngim checking the health of a heritage tree, Sindora wallichii at Cranwell Road.

Job Log: 
  • Conduct tree inspections to ensure trees are in good health
  • Select tree species for specific planting schemes
  • Oversee planting of roadside trees 
  • Represent NParks in inter-agency meetings on streetscape plans


Robin Ngiam 
Senior Manager (Conservation)

“There’s hardly a dull moment at work. Be it researching on dragonflies or other projects, I am exposed to a good mix of scientific fieldwork and policy-based work every single day. There is also the possibility of discovering something new, like how my colleagues and I discovered several new dragonfly species in Singapore over the past few years. This inspired me to produce a book entitled ‘Dragonflies of our Parks and Gardens’. I find great satisfaction in my engaging work environment, with its endless possibilities.”

Robin’s passion for dragonflies inspired him to produce a book introducing readers to a beautiful world of this insect.

Job Log:
  • Survey and conduct research on dragonflies in parks and gardens
  • Conduct outreach programmes on dragonflies and freshwater conservation
  • Present papers in regional conferences on dragonflies


Sheryl Koh
Manager (National Orchid Garden)

“My work is enriching as I get to learn about orchids and help to take care of them.  It makes me happy to know that visitors appreciate and enjoy their visits to the National Orchid Garden.”


Job Log:

  • Select the types of orchids to create beautiful displays in the National Orchid Garden
  • Re-landscape parts of the garden to showcase new orchids and other plants
  • Maintain the pristine condition of surrounding landscape, especially in areas showcasing rare orchids
  • Support the design, installation and maintenance of orchid displays for major events and festivities
  • Plan, execute and support events, such as orchid naming events


Trina Chua
Deputy Director (Parks)

“My job is my secret to a healthy lifestyle! To keep an eye on the horticultural standards of Singapore’s park connectors, I cycle along these green recreational belts on a daily basis. To top it off, I am an active advocate of Singapore’s identity as a City in a Garden. That’s what I call career fulfilment.” 

Trina is a friendly, familiar figure to the park connector users at Alexandra Canal Park Connector.

Mervyn Tan
Deputy Director (Parks)

“What I enjoy most about my job is the chance to interact with users to enhance their park experience. It’s a great feeling to wake up every morning knowing that you have embarked on a meaningful journey – one that doesn’t leave you stuck in front of the computer all day long!”

Mervyn plays an active role in maintaining the beauty if the parks by conducting regular checks on the plants and trees at Alexandra Canal Park Connector.

Job Log:
  • Organise outreach activities 
  • Interact with park users to enhance their park experiences 
  • Design do-it-yourself trails for park connector users
  • Enhance horticultural standards in parks and along park connectors

Lim Jin Hong

Deputy Director (HortPark)

“In this job, you literally reap what you sow! Beyond creating a pleasant environment with plants, I enjoy sharing my passion for gardening with the community – ranging from gardening novices to dedicated enthusiasts.  Once you start working in NParks, you’ll never look at plants the same way again.” 

Jin Hong shares her knowledge with the community. Here, she demonstrates how to set up and care for a terrarium through workshops at HortPark.

Job log:
  • Organise and conduct talks and workshops on plants and gardening 
  • Set the latest gardening trends and implement creative plant displays 
  • Engage industry partners to promote new gardening-related products

Wong Tuan Wah
Group Director (Conservation)

“It was the lure of nature and the great outdoors that prompted me to join NParks right after I graduated in 1981. Since then, I have had a hand in many meaningful adventures such as the conservation of Chek Jawa, I have also been working on a project to increase the population of the magnificent Oriental Pied Hornbill in Singapore. This project has been so successful that Singapore is now recognised as a leading centre in hornbill research. 

I take great satisfaction in actively caring for our forests and the natural environment.  Though it has been three decades, nature still presents me with new wonders each day.”

Tuan Wah adjusting a camrecorder attached to the hornbill nest box to facilitate the monitoring of the birds’ movement and behaviour.

Things to do:
  • Review and advise on national policies and guidelines on biodiversity conservation
  • Represent Singapore in regional and international conferences on nature conservation
  • Setting strategic direction for the National Biodiversity Centre, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Pulau Ubin recreational areas, and the horticultural estate in the Istana
  • Oversee the monitoring and growth of Singapore’s hornbill population 
Last updated on 28 September 2017

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