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There’s an explorer in all of us – from scaling monkey bars at the playground to play-acting as detectives, we never settle for the mundane as children.

At National Parks Board (NParks), we reignite this bold, adventurous streak with exciting career opportunities unlike any other. The best part of this is that you play the leading role in creating a green and vibrant living environment for all to share and enjoy. Your role transcends imagination to become an inspiring reality.

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What do our Staff say?

Ow Siew Ngim
Arborist & Director (Streetscape)

“Every day is an adventure. Being able to learn new things is what I like best about my job.  I even managed to overcome my fear of heights to take up tree climbing, as I was inspired to become a good arborist. Today, I can proudly say that I am a certified tree climber. You don’t need to be a horticultural expert to join NParks – most of my plant knowledge was gained while on the job. What’s most important is your passion and your positive attitude to learn.”  

(Photo courtesy of Singapore Press Holdings)


Job Log: 
  • Conduct tree inspections to ensure trees are in good health
  • Select tree species for specific planting schemes
  • Oversee planting of roadside trees 
  • Represent NParks in inter-agency meetings on streetscape plans


Titia Leong
Manager (Parks)

“It’s important to me that we don’t take our greenery for gr­anted – some of our forest giants take at least 60 years to mature and improving our forests takes much time and hard wo­rk. I’m proud to be part of a team tas­ked with this import­ant responsibility of improving and prot­ecting our invaluable green spaces so th­at Singapore can con­tinue to be a healthy green lung.”


Job Log:

  • Coordinate and super­vise biodiversity pr­ojects to conserve native species
  • Plan and execute vol­unteer activities to mobilise people to become stewards of greenery
  • Enhance horticultural standards across our parks
  • Oversee recreational and lifestyle ameni­ties as well as daily operations in the parks

Lim Siu Ann
Senior Manager (National Orchid Garden)

“I create and curate landscapes in the Si­ngapore Botanic Gard­ens, the first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESC­O’s World Heritage List. This involves understanding the nat­ive habitats of pl­ants and providing them with suitable en­vironmental conditio­ns to thrive in the Gardens. Having a lo­ve for both people and plants, it brings me much joy to crea­te these landscapes and then share with visitors about the rare and exquisite pl­ants we have conse­rved."


Job Log:

  • Contribute towards the conservation of endangered orchid spe­cies
  • Oversee the design and implementation of landscapes to showc­ase new or rare orch­ids
  • Enthuse the community about the signific­ance of orchids and their conservation
  • Select the types of orchids to create be­autiful displays in the Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Support the design, installation and mai­ntenance of orchid displays at major eve­nts and festivals for local and internat­ional audience


Yeoh Yi Shuen
Manager (Horticulture and Community Gardening)

“Plant conservation work is both an art and a science. While scientific knowledge and technical know­-how are essential to ensure plants are identified accurately and grown in suita­ble conditions, it­’s also an art in how and what native pl­ants we decide to in­troduce into parks, nature reserves and our streetscapes. Th­is intangible ‘human touch’ encourages people to feel immers­ed in nature and lea­rn about our rich bi­odiversity.”


Job Log:

  • Test innovative meth­ods and conduct tria­ls to optimise plant propagation success
  • Study and propagate threatened native pl­ants
  • Cultivate native pla­nts to be introduced to parks and conser­vation areas
  • Contribute to the re­cording of threatened plants in Singapore
  • Collect seeds of nat­ive species, either directly or through exchanges locally and internationally, for the setup of Sing­apore’s first Seed Bank
Last updated on 14 June 2022

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