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There’s an explorer in all of us – from scaling monkey bars at the playground to play-acting as detectives, we never settle for the mundane as children.

At National Parks Board (NParks), we reignite this bold, adventurous streak with exciting career opportunities unlike any other. The best part of this is that you play the leading role in creating a green and vibrant living environment for all to share and enjoy. Your role transcends imagination to become an inspiring reality.

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What do our Staff say?

Ow Siew Ngim
Arborist & Director (Streetscape)

“Every day is an adventure. Being able to learn new things is what I like best about my job.  I even managed to overcome my fear of heights to take up tree climbing, as I was inspired to become a good arborist. Today, I can proudly say that I am a certified tree climber. You don’t need to be a horticultural expert to join NParks – most of my plant knowledge was gained while on the job. What’s most important is your passion and your positive attitude to learn.”  

(Photo courtesy of Singapore Press Holdings)


Job Log: 
  • Conduct tree inspections to ensure trees are in good health
  • Select tree species for specific planting schemes
  • Oversee planting of roadside trees 
  • Represent NParks in inter-agency meetings on streetscape plans

Rachel Tan 
Manager (Singapore Botanic Gardens)

My job gives me many opportunities to connect people to nature, to help them see our natural world in a new light and come to cherish it more. It is especially interesting for me to work so closely with orchids and discover new things about them all the time – the diversity of colours, shapes, and sizes exhibited by the orchid family is just so intriguing!."


Job Log:

  • Conserve endangered orchid species, breed orchids to contribute to the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ orchid hybridisation programme, and cultivate orchids for display in the National Orchid Garden and for VIP orchid naming
  • Manage and enhance the various orchid collections within the National Orchid Garden’s nurseries
  • Communicate the wonders of orchids to the public
  • Organise and manage our orchid shows
  • Support the design, set-up, and maintenance of plant displays at events and festivals
  • Support NParks-wide programmes such as the OneMillionTrees movement


Yeoh Yi Shuen
Manager (National Biodiversity Centre)

“Conservation efforts and urban development are often seen to be conflicting. At the National Biodiversity Centre, we act as a voice for biodiversity and help shape related policy. I work with stakeholders to address biodiversity concerns at the planning and development stages of development projects. In doing so, we are able to mitigate and remediate the environmental impacts of the projects from an early stage.”


Job Log:

  • Assess development projects in Singapore under the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) framework
  • Work and negotiate with developers, planners and relevant stakeholders to address biodiversity concerns related to land development projects
  • Develop biodiversity-related policy
  • Contribute to the OneMillionTrees movement by training volunteers and building capacity in community nurseries
  • Conduct field surveys and ecological fieldwork for flora and fauna


Lee Heejun
Veterinarian (Veterinary Health)

“Animal diseases have wide-reaching impact on livelihoods, food safety and security, animal and human health, and the trade of animals and their products. As a veterinarian at NParks, I am actively involved in implementing biosecurity measures to prevent animal diseases from entering Singapore, such as pre-border import policies and quarantine for animals. I am proud to serve as the frontline in safeguarding public health, and the animal population in Singapore.”


Job Log:

  • Monitor the health and wellbeing of imported animals during post-arrival quarantine to detect any exotic disease
  • Oversee the daily operations and implementation of high-tech initiatives in the Animal Quarantine Centre
  • Respond to and investigate any new outbreaks of animal or zoonotic diseases in Singapore
  • Inspect variety of animals and animal-related products to assess suitability for import/export
  • Inspect and collaborate with licensed animal-related businesses, such as vet clinics, laboratories, pet shops and fish farms to enhance animal care standards
Last updated on 26 October 2023

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