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Heritage Roads

The Heritage Road Scheme

In our city state, mature trees along the roads form the backbone of Singapore’s landscape. With rapid development, it is important that we recognise the importance of these mature trees and what they symbolise.

One way to do this is to conserve some of the more scenic and significant tree-lined roads in Singapore. In many locations, the green ambience and mature trees flanking the roads today are a result of dedicated care and growth since Singapore’s greening journey began in 1963.

The Heritage Road Scheme, launched in 2001 by the National Parks Board, aims to conserve the scenic and significant tree-lined roads of Singapore. In 2006, the following five roads were gazetted as Heritage Roads:

            1. Arcadia Road

            2. Mount Pleasant Road

            3. Mandai Road

            4. South Buona Vista Road

            5. Lim Chu Kang Road

To preserve the unique tree-scapes, a green buffer of 10 metres on both sides of the Heritage Road is enforced and the removal of trees or plants is prohibited.

The preservation of Heritage Roads adds an element of permanence to the landscape and ultimately contributes to Singapore's sense of identity, history and continuity.

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Last updated on 16 March 2022

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