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Species List (Red Data Book List)

Despite having only a total land area of 728 sq km, Singapore is home to a significant array of plant and animal species. Click on the links below to learn more.

The Red Data Book is a publication which provides information such as the scientific and common names, IUCN global status, national conservation status and description, of each plant and animal species that has been recorded from Singapore. The second edition of the Singapore Red Data Book is the latest version and was published in 2008.

The national conservation status of the plant and animal species of Singapore were assessed by taxonomic experts drawn from academia, civil society and the government. The national conservation status lists of threatened species, also known as The Red Lists, are to be compiled and written up into a third edition Red Data Book. The Red Lists of various taxonomic groups can be found in the lists below.

We are in the midst of updating the Singapore Red Lists.



Photo credit: Aiki Yamada

Bee  Bee 
cnidaria  Cnidaria 
  Freshwater Fish
marine arthropod  Marine Arthropod 
phasmid  Phasmida 
polyclad  Polyclad 
 Sponge Porifera (Sponge) 
 Hard Coral Scleractinia (Stony Coral) 


Last updated on 21 September 2022

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