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Information Management


Funded by the Technical Committee for the Coastal and Marine Environment, BIOME aims to provide users a convenient mean to search for biodiversity and environment-related information in various forms such as text, documents, images, sounds, videos, maps and structured data. It also equips users with tools to carry out data analyses to facilitate work, studies, operations or other decision-making processes. Taking into account legacy databases and the data needs of key stakeholders, comprising ministries, government agencies, educational institutions and NGOs, extensive consultations were carried out to gain an understanding of the diverse data available and their projected requirements. Subsequently, this list was used in developing the specifications for the software and hardware infrastructure. A tender was called for a contractor to build the database in late 2009.

Many other stakeholders with relevant biodiversity and environment data were identified and agencies’ group administrators were appointed in April 2010. They were engaged for their inputs and system testing during the database development phase. This was followed by their contribution of data after the database was launched in January 2011. The database is currently operational and being populated with data.

If you have any data to contribute, please contact

To access the database, please visit

For government staff, please access the intranet database at

Last updated on 09 November 2017

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