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Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey

Field Surveys and Ground Monitoring

Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey

Led by NParks, and supported by partners from various tertiary institutions, non-governmental organisations and individual enthusiasts, the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey (CMBS), launched in 2010, is the first marine biodiversity survey undertaken to take stock of Singapore’s marine biodiversity.  This survey serves to cover and assess all our mudflats, intertidal areas, coral reefs and sea beds, enabling us to build a consolidated database of marine biodiversity. Overseas experts who specialise in taxonomy have also been invited to participate in expeditions.  The CMBS involves more than 400 volunteers in field surveys.

This survey is sponsored by Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore, Care-for-Nature Trust Fund, Keppel Care Foundation, Shell Companies in Singapore and The Air Liquide Group.


Last updated on 07 April 2020

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