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Landscape Industry

The landscape industry plays a significant role in shaping and growing our City in Nature. The Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology, or CUGE for short, is jointly established by NParks and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency. CUGE works closely with industry associations to design and implement programmes to upgrade and position the industry to seize growth and development opportunities, both locally and regionally. 

If you are looking to further your career in the landscaping industry, CUGE has a critical mass of knowledge and advance expertise on urban greenery and ecology to share with you. It provides professional skills training programmes for all levels of professionals and is a national training institution of the Landscape Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ). It also serves as a regional repository of best practices to advance urban and green living environment. It will serve as the lead training provider for all levels of the landscape industry workforce. It will use the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) System to train and certify skills training and facilitate career development in the landscape industry. 

In advancing the landscape industry, our focus will be on:
  • improving productivity, advocating sustainable landscaping through good design, ensuring the security of plant & nursery stock supply chain for the sector 
  • developing policies such as Landscape PWM to catalyse changes in HR & remuneration practices, improving the professionalism and career prospects so that the landscape industry has a fair chance of attracting young Singaporeans ; and 
  • Create pro-enterprise initiatives so that the landscape industry has sufficient resources (land, labour, capital) to stay in business
  • Research is carried out through collaborations to develop innovations in urban greening and conservation, as well as to enhance operational effectiveness and safety. 

Research plays an important role in developing the landscape industry. CUGE engages in multidisciplinary research on the greening and ecology of cities. Through its research programmes, CUGE aims to enhance greenery planning, design and management in cities, as well as establish the physical, social, and well being  values that arise from human-greenery interaction. It works in close partnerships with other research institutions and agencies. 
The research outcomes are translated into guidelines and standards that are targeted to upgrade industry practices and know-how. Find out more from the list of CUGE Research publications

Read more at the CUGE website.


Last updated on 10 March 2020

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