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14th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference, held for the first time in Singapore, opens with the region's best orchids

16 Aug 2023

The event comprises a five-day Orchid Show and four-day Conference Programme

Orchid experts, enthusiasts and the public can look forward to various highlights and a wide array of orchids from around the world on display


The 14th edition of the Asia Pacific Orchid Conference (APOC), jointly organised by the National Parks Board (NParks) and the Orchid Society of South East Asia (OSSEA), welcomes visitors from 16 to 20 August at the Singapore EXPO.

Held every three years, APOC is the largest gathering of orchid researchers, professional growers, and enthusiasts in the Asia Pacific region that supports the exchange and dissemination of knowledge, practices, and trends in orchid cultivation, science, and conservation amongst the orchid community. This edition is the first time Singapore is hosting APOC.

In line with this year’s theme of “Diversity, Conservation, Culture”, NParks and OSSEA present various highlights celebrating the diverse species and hybrids of the orchid family. Comprising two programmes, the Orchid Show and the Conference Programme, APOC will appeal to all visitors, from researchers, conservationists and professional growers to budding hobbyists, orchid enthusiasts and families keen on a floral visual feast.


APOC Orchid Show

The five-day Orchid Show celebrates the immense aesthetic value of orchids through vibrant floral exhibits, a floral fashion showcase, an orchid photo gallery, a botanical illustration gallery, and a collectors’ exhibition on orchid stamps and currencies, as well as stage programmes. The show consists of three main areas – a competition area featuring the Orchid Plant Competition and Orchid Landscape Competition involving competitors from across the region, general displays which are orchid-themed, and the MarketPlace with vendors offering a wide range of orchids and plant-related products.

Competitive orchid displays – Orchid Plant Competition and Orchid Landscape Competition

Featuring over 100 categories showcasing orchids carefully cultivated by dedicated hobbyists and professional growers from across Asia Pacific, the Orchid Plant Competition brings together the region’s best orchid growers, competing to be the top in their classes. Nearly 700 entries were submitted for the Orchid Plant Competition, with submissions coming from as far as Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand.

Vying for the title of best landscape display, orchid societies, associations and professional growers from Singapore, Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and more show off their creativity through curated displays for the Orchid Landscape Competition that play to the beauty and form of a wide array of orchids. 21 stunning displays are showcased, immersing visitors in a myriad of beautiful orchid landscapes.

Within the same area, non-competitive orchid landscape displays are also put up by OSSEA, Singapore Gardening Society, Singapore Orchid Growers' Association, and gardeners from NParks' Community in Bloom (CIB) programme. The display by CIB gardeners will showcase a variety of orchids lovingly grown in community gardens across Singapore. These include popular orchids among hobbyists, such as the Bamboo Orchid (Arundina graminifolia) and Green Antelope Orchid (Dendrobium antennatum), alongside over 100 other orchids contributed by 10 community garden groups from housing estates, community centres, religious organisations, and schools.

General displays

The entryway to the Orchid Show features a floral archway designed by international award-winning floral designer, Harijanto Setiawan. Featuring orchid species such as the Oncostele Hilo Firecracker and the native, Critically Endangered Bulbophyllum maxillare, the floral archway will serve as a grand invitation to the prestigious APOC, as well as one of the many stunning photo spots to visit for a commemorative snapshot.

Floral exhibits by local partners, the Floral Designers Society (Singapore) and Ikebana International Singapore Chapter 135, offer visitors more opportunities to appreciate the artistry and skill of orchid cultivation, and the boundless creativity and innovation within the orchid community.

A special floral fashion showcase is put up by ITE College Central, featuring wearable floral art designed by their Floristry students. These pieces, made from a fusion of flowers and fabrics, range from exquisite floral crowns and intricate floral jewellery to a botanical gown.

Other highlights of the Orchid Show include an orchid photo gallery held in partnership with Nikon and the Photographic Society of Singapore, featuring photos submitted by members of the public, an orchid stamps and currencies exhibition contributed by the Singapore Mint and a private collector, Mr Hsien Yoong How, and a botanical illustration gallery put up by the Singapore Botanic Gardens Library featuring a selection of botanical watercolour reproductions, the oldest of which were painted in 1890 and are over 130 years old.


Visitors looking to bring home orchid memorabilia or kick-start their orchid cultivation journey can visit the MarketPlace, which spotlights over 50 local and international vendors including those from Ecuador, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand. The products include orchid species and hybrids from around the world, including those from Africa and South America, and other plants such as Anthuriums, Monsteras, and Philodendrons, alongside garden supplies and tools. Entry to the MarketPlace is free.


APOC Conference Programme

Orchidologists, orchid experts and orchid enthusiasts can exchange knowledge, practices, and trends in orchid cultivation, science, and conservation through the enriching Conference Programme. Held over four days from 16 August to 19 August, there will be plenary talks conducted by world-esteemed orchid experts, alongside insightful sharing sessions by over 25 local and international speakers on the latest advancements in orchid research and cultivation.

The Conference Programme will conclude on the final day with technical tours to the Singapore Botanic Gardens and National Orchid Garden. These tours will bring participants through Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site and allow them to experience first-hand Singapore’s rich orchid heritage. For more information on the Conference Programme, visit

For further information, including ticketing, members of the public can visit the APOC website at or stay updated by following APOC on Facebook at


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Last updated on 17 August 2023

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