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Bachelor of Science in Plant Science & Earth/Environmental Science

Desmond Ng

Desmond Ng 
Senior Manager / Parks

Bachelor of Science (Hons Class I), Australian National University, 2012


I have always been an outdoor enthusiast. As a kid, I enjoyed engaging in different outdoor adventures in parks and nature reserves. I spent most of my free time kayaking, windsurfing, biking and hiking  in the natural environment. Through these interactions with the natural environment, I was exposed to many endemic flora and fauna. I developed an interest towards the diversity and sustainability of the natural landscape. I was certain that I wanted to further my studies in the area of environmental science after graduating from Junior college.

The National Parks Board scholarship offered a great opportunity for me to follow my passion. I was given a short attachment to the different divisions within the National Parks Board. It was a great learning experience and I was extremely excited to know that I would be part of a highly enthusiastic workforce that thrives to make a difference to the landscape of Singapore.

Studying at the Australian National University has greatly widened my horizons. Most of my courses have a fieldwork and/or laboratory component. The fieldwork component has exposed me to a wide range of natural environments- From arid and barren rangeland to swampy lower water catchments area; from glacial mountains to eroded beaches. My professors always provide an insight to the dynamic challenges related to the management of these different environments. 

For most courses, there would be guest lecturers and relevant professionals to add valuable inputs to the lectures.  I was also given the opportunity to debate scientific papers and findings with relevant professionals.  Not to forget, I was also taught valuable skills like testing for quality and quantity of groundwater using piezometers and measuring height of trees using a twig.

Staying over in Australia has also provided me with an opportunity to participate with many environmental organizations to enhance my learning experiences. Aside from academic pursuits, I was also actively involved in volunteering for the conservation Australia, the National Botanical Garden Herbarium and ANU Green.

Staying on ANU campus is also interesting. I represented my residential hall in many sport competitions including hockey, soccer, inward bound and AFL. I also managed to meet many great people of all nationalities. My residential hall has also offered me the Senior Residential Scholarship which allowed me to hone my leadership and management skills. I was entrusted with the responsibility to look after fellow residents, provide mentorship in their studies and organize events for them.

In a nutshell, studying overseas on the National Parks Board scholarship has been crucial to my holistic development. The experiences and depth of exposure obtained from studying in Australia have been amazing. I would recommend anybody with a love for the environment to consider the scholarship.


Last updated on 15 October 2021

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