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Gardening with Edibles


Growing Our City in Nature

Under our City in Nature vision, the community plays a key role in the ownership and stewardship for nature, which will bring forth benefits of health and well-being.

Minister Desmond Lee’s message at the virtual launch of Gardening with Edibles initiative on 18 June 2020. 

Since the launch of the Gardening with Edibles initiative in June 2020, we distributed 860,000 free seed packets.  The programme was jointly funded by our Founding Partners DBS Bank and Tote Board through the Garden City Fund. 

Registration for the seed packets have closed. We are in the midst of distributing free seed packets to those who have registered in Oct 2021.




Seed Pack Registration


Thank you for your support for the Gardening with Edibles Programme. The seed pack registration exercise has closed.

As we are experiencing some delays in the processing and delivery of the seed packs, all seed packs will be fully delivered by end February 2022. We seek your patience and understanding as we work hard to send the packs out to everyone.

If you have not received the seed pack by end February 2022, this could be due to submitting an incomplete address or an error in the postcode and/or unit number.

To facilitate us in checking further, please send the details of your application (full name, address, email address, and auto-reply email confirmation of registration) to for us to assist you with checking your registration. 

Please also note that each household is entitled to one free seed pack and we are only able to mail to local, residential addresses. We seek your patience and understanding as we work to send you the seed packs, subject to availability.

As the seeds grow and you see the fruits of your labour, we hope that you will share the harvest and your interest in gardening with neighbours and friends. Do share your stories with us on social media with the hashtag #GrowingwithEdiblesSG!


About the Gardening with Edibles Initiative

This Gardening with Edibles initiative brings the community together in a national gardening movement to achieve the City in Nature vision and is aligned with Singapore’s national strategy to strengthen our food resilience. The “30 by 30” goal led by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) aims to produce 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs locally by the year 2030. These are key goals of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, our national sustainability movement.


Gardening with edible plants is a fun and rewarding activity that can produce harvests for you to enjoy and share with your community. Spark a love for community gardening – use this pack of seeds to grow food plants! As you nurture your edible plants, please share your harvest and interest for gardening with neighbours and friends.

We will also be expanding the allotment gardening scheme and the Community in Bloom (CIB) programme

To kickstart your journey in gardening, do also check our gardening resources.

Last updated on 02 May 2024

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