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Skyrise Greenery

Skyrise Greenery plays an important part in contributing towards Singapore’s vision of a City in a Garden. Due to Singapore’s limited land space, skyrise greenery has increasingly become an essential component of sustainable urban development. Encompassing both rooftop greenery and vertical greenery, skyrise greenery seeks to add a new dimension of integrating greenery into our urban environment.

Within NParks, much effort has been put into research and the promotion of skyrise greenery through seminars, publications, awards and the development of guidelines and incentives.

Learn more about Skyrise Greenery today.


All Events

  • 11 Dec Night Vertebrate Biodiversity Survey Edit

    Bats are often feared and misunderstood. However, did you know that bats are thought to bring good luck in the Chinese culture? Bats play an important role in our ecosystem and we have several species here in Singapore. In this night workshop, participants will get a chance to use a bat detector to find and watch bats residing in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. They will also make a wall-hanging bat craft and create their very own dish garden.

    18 Jun 2019 16:30PM - 20:30PM
    Singapore Botanic Gardens,
    Botany Centre, Classroom 1 & 2 (Level 3)
    $50.00 per child (includes all materials and dinner)
  • 20 Jun Farm to Table Edit

    Learn to prepare buttery and crumbly mushroom scones with us in this farm to table workshop! Discover the different varieties of mushrooms that will be on display, and the conditions in which they grow. Pot your very own basil plant that will accompany these savoury nibbles and kick start your very own herb garden today!

    20 Jun 2019 09:00AM - 13:00PM
    Singapore Botanic Gardens,
    Visitor Services Desk at Jacob Ballas Childrens Garden
    $50.00 per child (includes all materials and refreshments)
  • 7 Dec Garden Treats Christmas Cookies Edit

    Join us in this new culinary series to learn more about popular tropical fruits, and how to whip them into a tasty meal! This programme includes a guided tour around the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden.

    21 Jun 2019 10:00AM - 11:30AM
    Singapore Botanic Gardens,
    Visitor Services Desk at Jacob Ballas Childrens Garden
    $30.00 per child (includes all materials)
Last updated on 01 March 2018

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