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Making Online Payment


The option to pay via e-Nets or Interbank Funds Transfer will be available to the applicant one (1) day after the submission of the application via the CORENET portal.

For Interbank Funds Transfer, please ensure that the payment reference number (e.g. GDP123456) is correctly entered in at the banking portal. After payment has been made, please email details of the back transfer to NPARKS_GDP@NPARKS.GOV.SG.

To make payment, please get ready the following information:


  • Project Reference Number

  • E-Submission Number (* All new submissions are to be submitted with new ES-number)

  • Payer Name

  • Payer Contact Number

  • Payer Email Address

  • Payer Mailing Address

Access the following link to make your payment:




Last updated on 15 May 2024

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