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Friends of the Parks

The Friends of the Parks is a ground-led initiative to promote stewardship and responsible use of Singapore’s parks. The initiative is modelled after the successful Friends of Ubin Network (FUN). It was conceived during the SGFuture conversations in January 2016, where participants called for greater community ownership and stewardship of our parks. 

The Friends of the Parks initiative consists of localised communities representing active stakeholders and volunteers within the park’s ecosystem. Through the formation of the Friends of the Parks community, Friends can play a more active role in promoting active and responsible uses of our Parks through ground-led programmes and initiatives. 


Friends of the Parks Groups

Since its launch in April 2016, the Friends of the Parks initiative has grown to nine communities, each with its unique focus:


If you are keen to volunteer in the respective parks, nature reserves or nature areas, sign up here.


Community Engagement

In 2019, the Friends of the Parks – citizen parks engagement initiative was extended to involve communities to take part in the design, development and management of Singapore’s parks and green spaces. Communities will be invited to co-create more than 50 parks across Singapore over the next five years.

With this extension, the community will be involved starting from the conceptualisation and design phase to the construction phase, as well as to manage the park after its completion. We are also engaging a wider range of stakeholders so that the community can play a larger role in designing and developing parks for fellow Singaporeans. Through these efforts, we aim to co-create parks with meaningful facilities that would cater to the community’s needs and lifestyle.  

Here is an overview of the phases of community engagement: 

Conceptualising & Design Phase

The community will take part in reimagining the park experience, generating ideas based on their insights. This could be carried out through 1-on-1 interviews, focus group discussions, observations, or on-site interviews. Using these inputs, they will then be guided to put together a design document.

After the preliminary design plan is charted out, the community will help to test out the proposed design on future user groups, and refine the design plan from the feedback gathered.

This process can take up to four months.

Development Phase

During the construction of the park, the community will assist in works such as:

  • Planting of shrubs and trees
  • Habitat enhancement for wildlife and biodiversity
  • Painting
  • Design of interpretive signage
Park Management Phase After construction is completed, the community can curate programmes, organise activities and events, and also help to manage the park.


Pasir Panjang Park

Pasir Panjang Park is the first park to benefit from this community engagement initiative. It holds significant natural and maritime heritage that can interest stakeholders to reimagine the park to be a vibrant place for the community, to create new bonds and strengthen existing ones, bring people closer to the Port to discover or rediscover Singapore’s natural and maritime heritage, or to just have a place to escape the busy city life.


Tampines North Boulevard Park

Tampines North Boulevard Park is situated in the Tampines North Region, adjacent to Sun Plaza Park and Tampines Eco Green. Flanked by the upcoming public residential areas, this park can interest stakeholders to visualise the space to be a vibrant community space for families and friends and bring Tampines residents closer.


If you are interested to be committed as a stakeholder for future engagement sessions, let us know here.

Last updated on 31 March 2020

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