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Lepidoptera - Moths

The following table lists the species in this taxon assessed under the Singapore Red List, which is also published in the third edition of the Singapore Red Data Book.

You may find information for the conservation statuses assessed in the second edition Singapore Red Data Book (RDB2) and third edition Singapore Red Data Book (RDB3).

The information below is accurate as at the time of the listing online for the taxon.

Checklist of Moth Species with their Category of Threat Status for Singapore

Prepared by Anuj Jain, Jerome Chua, Gan Cheong Weei

Family Taxon Name Authority Common Name RDB2 RDB3
Erebidae Achaea janata Linnaeus,1758 Castor Semi-Looper Not Listed LC
Erebidae Achaea serva Fabricius,1775 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Amata huebneri Boisduval,1828 Hubner's Wasp Moth Not Listed LC
Erebidae Anomis albipunctula Hampson Not Listed VU
Erebidae Anomis cupienda Swinhoe,1903 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Arctornis dorsalineatus Holloway,1999 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Arctornis egerina Swinhoe,1893 Not Listed NT
Lasiocampidae Arguda rosemariae Holloway,1987 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Asota caricae Fabricius,1775 Tropical Tiger Moth Not Listed LC
Erebidae Asota plana Walker,1854 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Asota subsimilis Walker,1864 Not Listed LC
Saturniidae Attacus atlas Linnaeus,1758 Atlas Moth Not Listed LC
Erebidae Avitta bracteola Holloway,1976 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Avitta guttulosa Swinhoe,1900 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Avittonia albidentata Hampson,1926 Not Listed NT
Noctuidae Bagada labi Holloway,1989 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Bamra albicola Walker,1858 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Bematha extensa Walker,1865 Not Listed LC
Cossidae Bergaris lutescens Roepke,1957 Not Listed NT
Noctuidae Borbotana nivifascia Walker,1858 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Brontypena ochrocuprea Pagenstecher,1894 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Brunia antica Walker,1854 Not Listed LC
Geometridae Bulonga schistacearia Walker,1859 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Calliteara horsfieldii Saunders,1851 Horsfield's Tussock Moth Not Listed LC
Noctuidae Callopistria wallacei Felder,1874 Not Listed VU
Limacodidae Cania striola Hering,1931 Not Listed LC
Notodontidae Cerasana pagenstecheri Schintlmeister & Lourens,2010 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Chalciope mygdon Cramer,1777 Triangular Striped Moth Not Listed LC
Zygaenidae Chalcosia coliadoides Walker,1862 Not Listed NEx
Nolidae Chloriola gratissima Walker,1863 Not Listed NT
Geometridae Chrysocraspeda argentimacula Holloway,1997 Not Listed NT
Geometridae Chrysocraspeda phlogea Prout,1938 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Claterna cydonia Cramer,1775 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Corcobara angulipennis Moore,1894 Not Listed VU
Geometridae Coremecis maculata Warren,1899 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Creatonotos gangis Linnaeus,1763 Baphomet Moth Not Listed LC
Erebidae Creatonotos transiens Walker,1855 Clouded Tiger Moth Not Listed LC
Erebidae Crithote horridipes Walker,1864 Not Listed LC
Crambidae Culladia hastiferalis Walker,1865 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Cultripalpa lunulifera Hampson,1926 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Cultripalpa partita Guenée,1852 Not Listed EN
Zygaenidae Cyclosia inclusus Walker,1864 Not Listed NT
Zygaenidae Cyclosia pieridoides Herrich-Schäffer,1854 False Idea Moth Not Listed LC
Erebidae Cyme reticulata C. Felder,1861 Not Listed LC
Sphingidae Daphnis nerii Linnaeus,1758 Oleander Hawkmoth Not Listed LC
Erebidae Dasychira chekiangensis Collenette,1938 Zhejiang Tussock Moth Not Listed LC
Erebidae Diascia hayesi Holloway,1976 Not Listed VU
Geometridae Dysphania subrepleta Walker,1854 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Egnasides rudmuna Swinhoe,1905 Not Listed LC
Sphingidae Elibia dolichus Westwood,1847 Large Banded Hawkmoth Not Listed EN
Sphingidae Enpinanga borneensis Butler,1879 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Ercheia pulchrivenula Gaede,1938 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Erebus ephesperis Hűbner,1827 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Eressa confinis Walker,1854 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Eublemma ignefusa Hampson,1910 Not Listed EN
Erebidae Eudocima phalonia Linnaeus,1763 Common Fruit-piercing Moth Not Listed LC
Erebidae Eugnathia diagonalis Hampson,1910 Not Listed NT
Crambidae Eurrhyparodes tricoloralis Zeller,1852 Not Listed LC
Sphingidae Eurypteryx bhaga Moore,1865 Not Listed VU
Geometridae Fascellina viridicosta Holloway,1993 Not Listed NT
Eupterotidae Ganisa plana Walker,1855 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Gesonia obeditalis Walker,1859 Not Listed LC
Bombycidae Gunda subnotata Walker,1859 Not Listed NEx
Erebidae Hadennia kimae Holloway,2008 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Hamodes lutea Walker,1863 Not Listed NT
Crambidae Herpetogramma licarsisalis Walker,1859 Grass Webworm Moth Not Listed LC
Geometridae Heteralex rectilineata Guenée, 1857 Not Listed LC
Crambidae Hoplisa xipharesalis Walker, 1859 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Hulodes caranea Cramer, 1780 Not Listed LC
Crambidae Hydriris ornatalis Duponchel, 1832 Ornate Hydriris Moth Not Listed LC
Erebidae Indiania citrona Hampson, 1907 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Ischyja anna Swinhoe, 1902 Not Listed NEx
Erebidae Ischyja ferrifracta Walker, 1864 Not Listed VU
Geometridae Krananda semihyalina Moore, 1868 Not Listed LC
Cosmopterigidae Labdia stibogramma Meyrick, 1924 Not Listed VU
Crambidae Lamprosema tampiusalis Walker, 1859 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Lopharthrum comprimens Walker, 1858 Not Listed EN
Erebidae Lutzugia trigonalis Kobes, 1983 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Lymantria faircloughi Holloway, 1999 Not Listed NT
Uraniidae Lyssa zampa Butler, 1869 Tropical Swallowtail Moth Not Listed LC
Sphingidae Macroglossum multifascia Rothschild & Jordan,1903 Not Listed NT
Geometridae Maxates magnipuncta Prout,1916 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Mecodina leucosticta Hampson,1926 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Metaemene atrigutta Walker,1862 Not Listed LC
Crambidae Metoeca foedalis Guenée,1854 Not Listed LC
Geometridae Microcalicha punctimarginaria Leech,1897 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Mocis undata Fabricius,1775 Brown-striped Semilooper Not Listed LC
Tortricidae Neocalyptis affinisana Walker,1863 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Neochera inops Walker,1854 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Neochera marmorea Walker,1856 Not Listed NEx
Geometridae Nothomiza xanthocolona Meyrick,1897 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Nyctemera lacticinia Cramer,1775 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Oeonistis altica Linnaeus,1768 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Olene mendosa Hűbner,1823 Brown Tussock Moth Not Listed LC
Geometridae Organopoda perorbata Prout,1937 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Orvasca subnotata Walker,1865 Not Listed LC
Notodontidae Oxoia smaragdiplena Walker,1862 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Pandesma quenavadi Guenée,1852 Not Listed LC
Crambidae Parapoynx diminutalis Snellen,1880 Hydrilla Leafcutter Moth Not Listed LC
Geometridae Peratophyga xanthyala Hampson,1896 Not Listed NT
Crambidae Peribona venosa Butler,1889 Not Listed VU
Tineidae Phereoeca uterella Walsingham, 1897 Household Casebearer Not Listed LC
Gracillariidae Phyllocnistis nepenthae Hering,1931 Pitcher-plant Leaf-miner Moth EN DD
Zygaenidae Pidorus corculum Butler,1879 Not Listed NEx
Erebidae Pilipectus cyclopis Hampson,1912 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Pindara illibata Fabricius,1775 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Platyja sumatrana Felder,1894 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Plecoptera recta Pagenstecher,1886 Not Listed NT
Tortricidae Polemograptis miltocosma Meyrick,1910 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Poliofoca gebenna Swinhoe,1903 Not Listed VU
Zygaenidae Pompelon marginata Guerin,1843 Not Listed LC
Geometridae Protuliocnemis helpsi Holloway,1996 Not Listed NT
Zygaenidae Psaphis camadeva Doubleday,1847 Not Listed CR
Erebidae Pseudosphetta fissisigna Hampson,1926 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Pterocyclophora ridleyi Hampson,1913 Not Listed VU
Pterophoridae Pterophorus lacteipennis Walker,1864 Not Listed LC
Nolidae Ptisciana seminivea Walker,1865 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Rhesala imparata Walker,1858 Not Listed LC
Geometridae Rhombocentra semipurpurea Warren,1897 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Rhynchodina molybdota Hampson,1926 Not Listed NT
Crambidae Sameodes cancellalis Zeller,1852 Banded Pearl Not Listed LC
Choreutidae Saptha beryllitis Meyrick,1910 Not Listed LC
Choreutidae Saptha exanthista Meyrick,1910 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Saroba pansa Swinhoe,1902 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Schistorhynx lobata Prout,1925 Not Listed NT
Geometridae Scopula divisaria Christoph,1893 Not Listed NT
Drepanidae Scytalopteryx elongata Snellen,1889 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Somena aurantiacoides Holloway,1999 Not Listed EN
Erebidae Speiredonia mutabilis Fabricius,1794 Not Listed VU
Noctuidae Spodoptera litura Fabricius,1775 Oriental Leafworm Moth Not Listed LC
Noctuidae Spodoptera pecten Guenée,1852 Not Listed LC
Crambidae Spoladea recurvalis Fabricius,1775 Hawaiian Beet Webworm Moth Not Listed LC
Metarbelidae Squamura disciplaga Swinhoe,1901 Not Listed EN
Erebidae Stenocarsia sthenoptera Swinhoe,1895 Not Listed NT
Lasiocampidae Suana riemsdyki Heylaerts,1889 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Sundagrapha tenebrosa Swinhoe,1902 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Syntomoides imaon Cramer,1780 Handmaiden Moth Not Listed LC
Erebidae Talariga capacior Walker,1858 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Tamba basiscripta Walker,1864 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Tamsia hieroglyphica Swinhoe,1902 Not Listed VU
Crambidae Tatobotys varanesalis Walker,1858 Striped Mangrove Moth VU DD
Callidulidae Tetragonus catamitus Geyer,1832 Common Butterfly Moth Not Listed LC
Erebidae Thyas coronata Fabricius,1775 Yellow Underwing Not Listed LC
Erebidae Tiruvaca hollowayi Kobes,1988 Not Listed VU
Geometridae Traminda aventiaria Guenée,1857 Cross-line Wave Moth Not Listed LC
Geometridae Traminda mundissima Walker,1861 Not Listed LC
Erebidae Trigonodes hyppasia Cramer,1779 Triangles Moth Not Listed LC
Erebidae Tropidtamba lepraota Hampson,1898 Not Listed NT
Erebidae Veslema flavifrons Bucsek,2012 Not Listed VU
Erebidae Xanthanomis xanthina Holloway & Zilli,2005 Not Listed NT
Nolidae Xenochroa xanthia Hampson,1902 Not Listed NT
Noctuidae Yepcalphis dilectissima Walker,1858 Not Listed NT
Last updated on 24 May 2024

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