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Arthropoda - Freshwater Decapod Crustaceans

The following table lists the species in this taxon assessed under the Singapore Red List, which is also published in the third edition of the Singapore Red Data Book.

You may find information for the conservation statuses assessed in the second edition Singapore Red Data Book (RDB2) and third edition Singapore Red Data Book (RDB3).

The information below is accurate as at the time of the listing online for the taxon.

Checklist of Arthropoda - Freshwater Decapod Crustacean Species with their Category of Threat Status for Singapore

Prepared by Yixiong Cai, Daniel J.J. Ng, Lydia X. Gan, Elysia X.P. Toh, Darren C.J. Yeo

Family Genus Species Authority Common Name RDB2 RDB3
Gecarcinucidae Irmengardia johnsoni Ng & Yang, 1985 Johnson's Freshwater Crab EN VU
Gecarcinucidae Parathelphusa maculata De Man 1879 Lowland Freshwater Crab Not Listed LC
Gecarcinucidae Parathelphusa reticulata Ng, 1990 Swamp Forest Crab EN EN
Potamidae Johora singaporensis Ng , 1986 Singapore Freshwater Crab EN EN
Sesarmidae Geosesarma peraccae (Nobili, 1903) Peracca's Land Crab VU VU
Sesarmidae Geosesarma nemesis Ng, 1986 Little Land Crab EN EN
Palaemonidae Macrobrachium equidens (Dana, 1852) Rough River Prawn Not Listed EN
Palaemonidae Macrobrachium malayanum (Roux, 1934) Malayan River Prawn Not Listed LC
Palaemonidae Macrobrachium platycheles Ou & Yeo, 1995 Torrent Prawn CR CR
Palaemonidae Macrobrachium sundaicum (Heller, 1862) Sunda River Prawn Not Listed VU
Palaemonidae Macrobrachium pilimanus (De Man, 1879) Muff River Prawn Not Listed EN
Palaemonidae Macrobrachium rosenbergii (De Man, 1879) Giant River Prawn NEx NEx
Palaemonidae Macrobrachium scabriculum (Heller, 1862) Goda River Prawn Not Listed NEx
Palaemonidae Macrobrachium neglectum (De Man, 1905) Java River Prawn Not Listed NEx
Palaemonidae Macrobrachium idae (Heller, 1862) Orana River Prawn NEx NEx
Atyidae Caridina peninsularis Kemp, 1918 Peninsular Caridina Not Listed EN
Atyidae Caridina gracilirostris De Man, 1892 Needlenose Caridina Not Listed EN
Atyidae Caridina propinqua De Man, 1908 Bengal Caridina Not Listed VU
Atyidae Caridina sumatrensis De Man, 1892 Sumatra Caridina Not Listed NEx
Atyidae Caridina gracilipes De Man, 1892 Slender-legged Caridina Not Listed CR
Atyidae Caridina bruneiana Choy, 1992 Brunei Caridina Not Listed NEx
Atyidae Caridina temasek Choy & Ng, 1991 Temasek Caridina EN EN
Atyidae Caridina johnsoni Cai, Ng & Choy, 2007 Johnson's Caridina Not Listed LC
Atyidae Caridina malayensis Cai, Ng & Choy, 2007 Malayan Caridina Not Listed EN
Alpheidae Potamalpheops amnicus Yeo & Ng, 1997 Riverine Alpheid Shrimp EN EN


The list of the Categories used in 3rd edition of the Red List is:





Not Threatened

Least Concern


Not approaching the above criteria



Approaching but not yet reaching the threshold for the above criteria




There are fewer than 1,000 mature individuals but more than 250 and there may or may not be any other evidence of decline, small range size or fragmentation.



There are fewer than 250 mature individuals and no other evidence of decline or fragmentation.

Critically Endangered


There are fewer than 50 mature individuals, OR if more than 50 mature individuals but less than 250, with some evidence of decline or fragmentation.




Presumed Nationally Extinct


The species is extinct (extirpated) within Singapore but it still survives outside Singapore.

Globally Extinct


The species is extinct all over the world, both in the wild and in cultivation







Other Categories

Data Deficient


Inadequate information to make an informed assessment

Not Applicable


Species that are not eligible for assessment at the national level (mainly introduced taxa and vagrants)

Not Evaluated



Species that are possibly eligible for assessment but have not yet been evaluated against the criteria

Not Listed


Species not listed in the records (in the IUCN Global Red List database, or the first edition Singapore Red Data Book - RDB 1 and second edition Singapore Red Data Book - RDB 2) for whatever reason

Last updated on 24 May 2024

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