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Community in Nature Initiative

The Community in Nature (CIN) initiative is a national movement to connect and engage different groups in the community to conserve Singapore’s natural heritage. Launched in September 2011, this initiative is aligned with NParks’ City in Nature vision and Singapore’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan. CIN brings together all of NParks’ nature-related events, activities and programmes, to better reach out to the community to encourage them to bond over and with nature. One can take things at their own pace yet have the chance to grow from being a casual observer to become a more active participant in acting for our biodiversity.



  • To connect and engage communities for the conservation of Singapore's natural heritage.


  • To connect, educate and inspire diverse communities to actively conserve and celebrate our natural heritage.
  • To cultivate champions within the community in protecting our nature environments.
  • To nurture and form partnerships to achieve better biodiversity and social outcomes.
  • To foster and support community groups and organizations working to reconnect people with our natural environment.


 Volunteers learn about local heron species in preparation for Heron Watch – a citizen science programme.

Young students participate in Playtime with Hershie the Hermit Crab programme to learn about local biodiversity. 


  1. Nature Education
  2. Citizen Science
  3. Species Recovery and Habitat Enhancement

Our partners

Biodiversity conservation involves many stakeholders. Our engagement with the community includes:

  • Educational and research institutions
  • Families
  • Corporations and companies
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Other agencies
  • Passionate individuals


Participants engage in a discussion as part of the Biodiversity Friends Forum’s challenge on human-wildlife co-existence. 

Young visitors take part in an arts and craft workshop held at the annual Festival of Biodiversity.

Learn how you can be a responsible park user to help conserve our biodiversity here.

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Last updated on 04 March 2020

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