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NParks’ first comprehensive package of resource materials focusing on Singapore’s local flora and fauna, designed and produced specially for children aged between 5 to 6 years old, offers endless opportunities for children to observe, explore, express and collaborate about nature.

This set of ‘A Pre-school Educational Resource Package on Singapore, a City in a Garden, and its Biodiversity’ was distributed to all preschools licensed under ECDA in July 2015.


List of Educational Resources

Each package consists of the following resources:


‘An Adventure in our City in a Garden’ Picture Book 

(Available in both big & small book formats)

Synopsis: What fascinating plants and animals live together with us in our City in a Garden? Join Kaysee and Sunny on an exciting nature adventure as they explore the park connector in their neighbourhood. With eye-catching illustrations and fun rhymes, learn about Singapore’s colourful flora and fauna, and love them a little more!

Preschool resources Preschool resources  


Peeky the Pangolin Explores Singapore’ DVD

1) Peeky the Pangolin Explores Singapore’s Trees

Follow Peeky the Pangolin on a wild adventure as he explores some of the wonderful trees that can be found in our City in a Garden. On his trip, he looks at the different parts of a tree and why they're important. Along the way, Peeky finds native trees such as the Tembusu and Casuarina, and explains about the different ways they help people and animals.


2) Peeky the Pangolin Explores Singapore’s Wildlife     

Being a Singaporean animal, Peeky the Pangolin is keen to meet some of his other native friends. Join him as he embarks upon an adventure to explore Singapore’s wildlife. He discovers many birds, mammals, reptiles and other animals living on our island and soon realises what important roles they play in keeping our home clean and green.


3) Peeky the Pangolin Explores Singapore, a City in a Garden

Peeky the Pangolin is eager to explore the green spaces of his island home. On his journey, Peeky visits different parks, gardens, park connectors and nature reserves. He discovers many beautiful plants, and meets other native animals. By the end of his exciting trip, Peeky agrees that Singapore is a wonderful City in a Garden that we must all appreciate and look after.

Preschool Resources  



Posters are useful educational tools for pre-school education. The four posters featuring native animals, numbers, flowers and fruits not only add colours to the walls of the classroom but also extend the children’s learning. These posters complement the picture book and can be used as a pre-reading and post-reading activity.


Preschool Resources  preschool online resources



Picture Word Cards

Engage young children with 30 hand-painted picture word cards showcasing the flora and fauna that can be found in Singapore. The back of each card contains key information on the plant or animal, including fun facts that will capture the interest of the children.

Preschool resources

Snap Card Game

Observe, React, Snap! Match two cards with the same animal or plant. Be the first one to shout out “Snap!” to win the cards.

Preschool resources


Interested to get a copy of our pre-school resources?

Download the resources here:


View the Peeky the Pangolin DVD videos here:

View the educational video on bees here:

Last updated on 04 April 2018

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