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The following table lists the species in this taxon assessed under the Singapore Red List, which is intended to be published in the third edition of the Singapore Red Data Book in future.

You may find information regarding the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Red Data Book version 2 (RDB2) and Red Data Book version 3 (RDB3) conservation statuses. The IUCN conservation status is assessed globally while the RDB2 and RDB3 conservation statuses are assessed locally.

The information below is accurate as at the time of the listing on-line for the taxon.

Checklist of amphibians from Singapore

S/N Order Family Scientific Name Common Name RDB2 Status RDB3 Status
1 Gymnophiona Icthyophiidae Icthyophis sp. Asian Striped Caecilian CR CR
2 Anura Bufonidae Duttaphrynus melanostictus Asian Toad Not Listed LC
3 Anura Bufonidae Ingerophrynus quadriporcatus Four-ridged Toad Not Listed VU
4 Anura Bufonidae Pelophryne ingeri Inger's Cross Toadlet CR CR
5 Anura Megophryidae Megophrys nasuta Malayan Horned Frog EN CR
6 Anura Megophryidae Leptobrachium nigrops Black-eyed Litter Frog Not Listed NT
7 Anura Dicroglossidae Fejervarya limnocharis Field Frog Not Listed LC
8 Anura Dicroglossidae Fejervarya cancrivora Crab-eating Frog Not Listed LC
9 Anura Dicroglossidae Limnonectes blythii Malayan Giant Frog Not Listed LC
10 Anura Dicroglossidae Limnonectes paramacrodon Lesser Swamp Frog EN CR
11 Anura Dicroglossidae Limnonectes plicatellus Rhinoceros Frog EN CR
12 Anura Dicroglossidae Limnonectes malesianus Malesian Frog Not Listed NT
13 Anura Dicroglossidae Occidozyga sumatrana Yellow-bellied Puddle Frog Not Listed NT
14 Anura Ranidae Hylarana erythraea Common Greenback Not Listed LC
15 Anura Ranidae Chalcorana labialis Copper-cheeked Frog Not Listed LC
16 Anura Ranidae Pulchrana laterimaculata Masked Rough-sided Frog Not Listed NT
17 Anura Ranidae Pulchrana baramica Golden-eared Rough-sided Frog VU VU
18 Anura Rhacophoridae Polypedates leucomystax Common Tree Frog Not Listed LC
19 Anura Rhacophoridae Nyctixalus pictus Cinnamon Bush Frog VU VU
20 Anura Rhacophoridae Rhacophorus cyanopunctatus Blue-legged Bush Frog CR CR
21 Anura Rhacophoridae Theloderma horridum Thorny Bush Frog CR CR
22 Anura Microhylidae Kalophrynus limbooliati Limbooliat's Sticky Frog VU VU
23 Anura Microhylidae Micryletta subaraji Subaraj's Paddy Frog Not Listed CR
24 Anura Microhylidae Microhyla butleri Painted Chorus Frog Not Listed LC
25 Anura Microhylidae Microhyla heymonsi Dark-sided Chorus Frog Not Listed LC
26 Anura Microhylidae Microhyla mantheyi Manthey's Chorus Frog CR VU


The list of the Categories used in 3rd edition of the Red List is:





Not Threatened

Least Concern


Not approaching the above criteria



Approaching but not yet reaching the threshold for the above criteria




There are fewer than 1,000 mature individuals but more than 250 and there may or may not be any other evidence of decline, small range size or fragmentation.



There are fewer than 250 mature individuals and no other evidence of decline or fragmentation.

Critically Endangered


There are fewer than 50 mature individuals, OR if more than 50 mature individuals but less than 250, with some evidence of decline or fragmentation.




Presumed Nationally Extinct


The species is extinct (extirpated) within Singapore but it still survives outside Singapore.

Globally Extinct


The species is extinct all over the world, both in the wild and in cultivation







Other Categories

Data Deficient


Inadequate information to make an informed assessment

Not Applicable


Species that are not eligible for assessment at the national level (mainly introduced taxa and vagrants)

Not Evaluated



Species that are possibly eligible for assessment but have not yet been evaluated against the criteria

Not Listed


Species not listed in the records (in the IUCN Global Red List database, or the first edition Singapore Red Data Book - RDB 1 and second edition Singapore Red Data Book - RDB 2) for whatever reason


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NSS Vertebrate Study Group. (2014). A Checklist of the Freshwater Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles and Mammals of Singapore.

Last updated on 05 June 2023

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