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The following table lists the species in this taxon assessed under the Singapore Red List, which is intended to be published in the third edition of the Singapore Red Data Book in future.

You may find information regarding the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Red Data Book version 2 (RDB2) and Red Data Book version 3 (RDB3) conservation statuses. The IUCN conservation status is assessed globally while the RDB2 and RDB3 conservation statuses are assessed locally.

The information below is accurate as at the time of the listing on-line for the taxon.

Checklist of reptiles from Singapore

S/N Order Family Scientific Name Common Name RDB2 Status RDB3 Status
1 Testudines Geomydidae Cuora amboinensis Malayan Box Turtle Not Listed NT
2 Testudines Trionychidae Amyda cartilaginea Asian Softshell EN VU
3 Testudines Geoemydidae Cyclemys dentata Asian Leaf Turtle CR CR
4 Testudines Trionychidae Dogania suplana Malayan Softshell Turtle CR CR
5 Testudines Geoemydidae Heosemys spinosa Spiny Hill Turtle VU EN
6 Testudines Geoemydidae Notochelys platynota Malayan Flatshell Turtle EN CR
7 Testudines Cheloniidae Eretmochelys imbricata Hawksbill Turtle CR CR
8 Testudines Cheloniidae Chelonia mydas Green Sea Turtle CR CR
9 Crocodylia Crocodylidae Crocodylus porosus Estuarine Crocodile CR CR
10 Squamata Agamidae Aphaniotis fusca Earless Agamid EN EN
11 Squamata Agamidae Bronchocela cristatella Green Crested Lizard Not Listed LC
12 Squamata Agamidae Draco melanopogon Black-bearded Gliding Lizard VU VU
13 Squamata Agamidae Draco quinquefasciatus Five-banded Gliding Lizard EN EN
14 Squamata Agamidae Draco sumatranus Common Gliding Lizard Not Listed LC
15 Squamata Gekkonidae Aeluroscalabotes felinus Fox-faced Gecko CR CR
16 Squamata Gekkonidae Cnemaspis peninsularis Peninsular Rock Gecko VU VU
17 Squamata Gekkonidae Cyrtodactylus consobrinus Peter's Bent-toed Gecko CR CR
18 Squamata Gekkonidae Cyrtodactylus majulah Singapore Bent-toed Gecko Not Listed VU
19 Squamata Gekkonidae Cyrtodactylus pantiensis Panti Bent-toed Gecko Not Listed CR
20 Squamata Gekkonidae Cyrtodactylus semenanjungensis Peninsular Bent-toed Gecko Not Listed CR
21 Squamata Gekkonidae Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus Striped Bent-toed Gecko VU CR
22 Squamata Gekkonidae Gekko smithii Green-eyed Forest Gecko CR CR
23 Squamata Gekkonidae Hemidactylus frenatus Common House Gecko Not Listed LC
24 Squamata Gekkonidae Cosymbotus craspedotus Frilly Gecko CR CR
25 Squamata Gekkonidae Hemidactylus platyurus Flat-tailed Gecko Not Listed LC
26 Squamata Gekkonidae Gehyra multilata Four-clawed Gecko Not Listed LC
27 Squamata Gekkonidae Lepidodactylus lugubris Maritime Gecko Not Listed LC
28 Squamata Gekkonidae Gekko monarchus Spotted House Gecko Not Listed LC
29 Squamata Gekkonidae Hemiphyllodactylus typus Lowland Dwarf Gecko VU NT
30 Squamata Gekkonidae Luperosaurus browni Flap-legged Gecko CR CR
31 Squamata Gekkonidae Gekko kuhli Kuhl's Gliding Gecko CR CR
32 Squamata Scincidae Dasia grisea Brown Tree Skink EN VU
33 Squamata Scincidae Dasia olivacea Olive Tree Skink EN CR
34 Squamata Scincidae Emoia atrocostata Mangrove Skink EN CR
35 Squamata Scincidae Eutropis multifasciatus Common Sun Skink Not Listed LC
36 Squamata Scincidae Eutropis longicaudata Long-tailed Sun Skink Not Listed DD
37 Squamata Scincidae Eutropis rugifera Rough-scaled Sun Skink EN VU
38 Squamata Scincidae Lygosoma bowringii Supple Skink Not Listed LC
39 Squamata Scincidae Lygosoma siamensis Thai Supple Skink Not Listed DD
40 Squamata Scincidae Lipinia vittigera Striped Tree Skink EN EN
41 Squamata Scincidae Tytthoscincus temasekensis Swamp Skink CR EN
42 Squamata Varanidae Varanus dumerili Dumeril's Monitor Not Listed CR
44 Squamata Varanidae Varanus nebulosus Clouded Monitor Not Listed LC
45 Squamata Varanidae Varanus salvator Malayan Water Monitor Not Listed LC
46 Squamata Acrochordidae Acrochordus granulatus Banded File Snake Not Listed NT
47 Squamata Typhlopidae Indotyphlops braminus Brahminy Blind Snake Not Listed LC
48 Squamata Typhlopidae Ramphotyphlops lineatus Lineated Blind Snake Not Listed CR
49 Squamata Typhlopidae Argyrophis muelleri White-bellied Blind Snake CR CR
50 Squamata Cylindrophidae Cylindrophis cf. ruffus Red-tailed Pipe Snake CR VU
51 Squamata Xenopeltidae Xenopeltis unicolor Sunbeam Snake Not Listed LC
52 Squamata Pythonidae Malayopython reticulatus Reticulated Python Not Listed LC
53 Squamata Colubridae Ahaetulla fasciolata Speckle-headed Whip Snake CR CR
54 Squamata Colubridae Ahaetulla mycterizans Big-eyed Whip Snake CR VU
55 Squamata Colubridae Ahaetulla prasina Oriental Whip Snake Not Listed LC
56 Squamata Colubridae Boiga cynodon Dog-toothed Cat Snake EN VU
57 Squamata Colubridae Boiga dendrophila Gold-ringed Cat Snake VU NT
58 Squamata Colubridae Boiga drapiezii White-spotted Cat Snake Not Listed CR
59 Squamata Colubridae Boiga jaspidea Jasper's Cat Snake CR CR
60 Squamata Colubridae Calamara schlegeli Pink-headed Reed Snake VU NT
61 Squamata Colubridae Calamaria lumbricoidea Variable Reed Snake EN EN
62 Squamata Colubridae Calamaria lovi gimletti Gimlet’s Reed Snake Not Listed EN
63 Squamata Colubridae Chrysopelea paradisi Paradise Tree Snake Not Listed LC
64 Squamata Colubridae Chrysopelea pelias Twin-barred Tree Snake Not Listed NT
65 Squamata Colubridae Coelognathus flavolineatus Malayan Racer EN LC
66 Squamata Colubridae Dendrelaphis caudolineatus Striped Bronzeback Not Listed LC
67 Squamata Colubridae Dendrelaphis haasi Haas' Bronzeback Not Listed CR
68 Squamata Colubridae Dendrelaphis formosus Elegant Bronzeback EN VU
69 Squamata Colubridae Dendrelaphis cyanochloris Blue Bronzeback Not Listed EN
70 Squamata Colubridae Dendrelaphis kopsteini Kopstein's Bronzeback VU NT
71 Squamata Colubridae Dendrelaphis pictus Painted Bronzeback LC LC
72 Squamata Colubridae Lycodon subannulatus Malayan Bridle Snake EN EN
73 Squamata Colubridae Dryophiops rubescens Keel-bellied Whip Snake CR EN
74 Squamata Colubridae Gonglyosoma baliodeirum Orange-bellied Ringneck EN EN
75 Squamata Colubridae Gonyosoma oxycephalum Red-tailed Racer EN VU
76 Squamata Colubridae Lycodon subcinctus Banded Wolf Snake CR CR
77 Squamata Colubridae Lycodon capucinus Common House Snake Not Listed LC
78 Squamata Colubridae Oligodon octolineatus Striped Kukri Snake Not Listed LC
79 Squamata Colubridae Oligodon purpurascens Brown Kukri Snake CR CR
80 Squamata Colubridae Oligodon signatus Barred Kukri Snake CR EN
81 Squamata Colubridae Pseudorabdion longiceps Dwarf Reed Snake EN NT
82 Squamata Colubridae Ptyas carinata Keeled Rat Snake Not Listed VU
83 Squamata Colubridae Ptyas fusca White-bellied Rat Snake EN VU
84 Squamata Colubridae Ptyas korros Indochinese Rat Snake Not Listed LC
85 Squamata Colubridae Sibynophis melanocephalus Black-headed Collared Snake EN VU
86 Squamata Colubridae Xenelaphis hexagonatus Malayan Brown Snake EN CR
87 Squamata Paretidae Asthenodipsas laevis Smooth Slug Snake Not Listed CR
88 Squamata Homalopsidae Cantoria violacea Cantor's Water Snake CR EN
89 Squamata Homalopsidae Cerberus scheneiderii Dog-faced Water Snake Not Listed LC
90 Squamata Homalopsidae Fordonia leucobalia Crab-eating Water Snake EN EN
91 Squamata Homalopsidae Gerarda prevostiana Gerard's Water Snake EN EN
92 Squamata Homalopsidae Homalopsis buccata Puff-faced Water Snake VU VU
93 Squamata Homalopsidae Phytolopsis punctata Blackwater Mud Snake Not Listed CR
94 Squamata Homalopsidae Raclitia indica Selangor Mud Snake Not Listed CR
95 Squamata Natricidae Rhabdophis rhodomelas Blue-necked Keelback EN VU
96 Squamata Natricidae Psammodynastes pictus Painted Mock Viper CR CR
97 Squamata Natricidae Xenochrophis maculatus Spotted Keelback VU VU
98 Squamata Natricidae Xenochrophis trianguligerus Triangle Keelback CR CR
99 Squamata Elapidae Bungarus fasciatus Banded Krait EN VU
100 Squamata Elapidae Calliophis bivirgatus Malayan Blue Coral Snake VU VU
101 Squamata Elapidae Calliophis intestinalis Malayan Banded Coral Snake VU NT
102 Squamata Elapidae Naja sumatrana Equatorial Spitting Cobra LC LC
103 Squamata Elapidae Ophiophagus hannah King Cobra EN VU
104 Squamata Elapidae Laticauda colubrina Yellow-lipped Sea Krait EN VU
105 Squamata Viperidae Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus Shore Pit Viper EN VU
106 Squamata Viperidae Tropidolaemus wagleri Wagler's Pit Viper EN NT
107 Squamata Elapidae Aipysurus eydouxii Marbled Sea Snake Not Listed EN
108 Squamata Elapidae Hydrophis hardwickii Hardwicke's Sea Snake Not Listed EN
109 Squamata Elapidae Hydrophis platurus Yellow-bellied Sea Snake Not Listed EN


The list of the Categories used in 3rd edition of the Red List is:




Not Threatened

Least Concern


Not approaching the above criteria



Approaching but not yet reaching the threshold for the above criteria




There are fewer than 1,000 mature individuals but more than 250 and there may or may not be any other evidence of decline, small range size or fragmentation.



There are fewer than 250 mature individuals and no other evidence of decline or fragmentation.

Critically Endangered


There are fewer than 50 mature individuals, OR if more than 50 mature individuals but less than 250, with some evidence of decline or fragmentation.




Presumed Nationally Extinct


The species is extinct (extirpated) within Singapore but it still survives outside Singapore.

Globally Extinct


The species is extinct all over the world, both in the wild and in cultivation

Other Categories

Data Deficient


Inadequate information to make an informed assessment

Not Applicable


Species that are not eligible for assessment at the national level (mainly introduced taxa and vagrants)

Not Evaluated


Species that are possibly eligible for assessment but have not yet been evaluated against the criteria

Not Listed


Species not listed in the records (in the IUCN Global Red List database, or the first edition Singapore Red Data Book - RDB 1 and second edition Singapore Red Data Book - RDB 2) for whatever reason


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Last updated on 05 June 2023

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