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Terrestrial Mammals


The following table lists the species in this taxon assessed under the Singapore Red List, which is intended to be published in the third edition of the Singapore Red Data Book in future.

You may find information regarding the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), RDB2 and RDB3 conservation statuses. The IUCN conservation status is assessed globally while the RDB2 and RDB3 conservation statuses are assessed locally.

The information below is accurate as at the time of the listing on-line for the taxon.


List of mammal species present in Singapore

No.  Order Family Genus  Species Common Name IUCN status RDB2 status RBD3 status
 1  Dermoptera  Cynocephalidae  Galeopterus  variegatus Sunda Colugo  LC Nil   NT
 2  Pholidota  Manidae  Manis  javanica Sunda Pangolin  CR CR   CR
 3  Rodentia  Sciuridae  Callosciurus  notatus Plantain Squirrel  LC Nil  LC
 4  Rodentia  Sciuridae  Hylopetes  spadiceus Red-cheeked Flying Squirrel  LC CR  CR
 5  Rodentia  Sciuridae  Iomys  horsfieldii Horsfield’s Flying Squirrel  LC Nil
 6  Rodentia  Sciuridae  Lariscus  insignis Three-striped Ground Squirrel  LC Nil  NE
 7  Rodentia  Sciuridae  Petaurista  petaurista Red Giant Flying Squirrel  LC CR  CR
 8  Rodentia  Sciuridae  Ratufa  affinis Cream-coloured Giant Squirrel  NT CR  NE
 9  Rodentia  Sciuridae  Rhinosciurus  laticaudatus Shrew-faced Ground Squirrel  NT CR
 10  Rodentia  Sciuridae  Sundasciurus  tenuis Slender Squirrel  LC Nil
 11  Rodentia  Muridae  Maxomys  rajah Brown Spiny Rat  VU EN  EN
 12  Rodentia  Muridae  Maxomys  surifer Red Spiny Rat  LC Nil  NE
 13  Rodentia  Muridae  Mus  musculus Asian House Mouse  LC Nil  LC
 14  Rodentia  Muridae  Rattus  exulans Pacific Rat  LC Nil  LC
 15  Rodentia  Muridae  Rattus  tanezumi Asian House Rat  LC Nil  LC
 16  Rodentia  Muridae  Rattus  tiomanicus Malaysian Wood Rat  LC Nil  LC
 17  Rodentia  Muridae  Sundamys  annandalei Annandale’s Rat  Nil Nil  LC
 18  Rodentia  Hystricidae  Hystrix  brachyura Malayan Porcupine  LC CR  CR
 19  Carnivora  Felidae  Panthera  pardus Leopard  VU Nil  NE
 20  Carnivora  Felidae  Panthera  tigris Tiger  EN Nil  NE
 21  Carnivora  Felidae  Prionailurus  bengalensis Leopard Cat  LC CR  CR
 22  Carnivora  Viverridae  Arctogalidia  trivirgata Small-toothed Palm Civet  LC CR  CR
 23  Carnivora  Viverridae  Paguma  larvata Masked Palm Civet  LC CR  CR
 24  Carnivora  Viverridae  Paradoxurus  musangus Sumatran Palm Civet  LC Nil  LC
 25  Carnivora  Viverridae  Viverra  tangalunga Malay Civet  LC Nil  CR
 26  Carnivora  Viverridae  Viverra  zibetha Large Indian Civet  LC CR  CR
 27  Carnivora  Mustelidae  Aonyx  cinereus Oriental Small-clawed Otter  VU CR  CR
 28  Carnivora  Mustelidae  Lutra  sumatrana Hairy-nosed Otter  EN Nil  NE
 29  Carnivora  Mustelidae  Lutrogale  perspicillata Smooth Otter  VU CR  EN
 30  Artiodactyla  Suidae  Sus  scrofa Eurasian Wild Pig  LC Nil  LC
 31  Artiodactyla  Tragulidae  Tragulus  kanchil Lesser Mousedeer  LC CR  EN
 32  Artiodactyla  Tragulidae  Tragulus  napu Greater Mousedeer  LC Nil  CR
 33  Artiodactyla  Cervidae  Muntiacus  muntjak Red Muntjac  LC Nil  CR
 34  Artiodactyla  Cervidae  Rusa  unicolor Sambar  VU Nil  DD
 35  Primates  Lorisidae  Nycticebus  coucang Sunda Slow Loris  EN CR  EN
 36  Primates  Cercopithecidae  Macaca  fascicularis Long-tailed Macaque  VU Nil  LC
 37  Primates  Cercopithecidae  Presbytis  femoralis Raffles’s Banded Langur  EN CR  CR
 38  Primates  Cercopithecidae  Trachypithecus  obscurus Dusky Langur  EN Nil  CR
 39  Scandentia  Tupaiidae  Tupaia  glis Common Treeshrew  LC Nil  LC
 40  Soricomorpha  Soricidae  Crocidura  malayana Malayan Shrew  LC Nil  DD
 41  Soricomorpha  Soricidae  Suncus  murinus House Shrew  LC Nil  LC
 42  Chiroptera  Pteropodidae  Cynopterus  brachyotis Lesser Short-nosed Fruit Bat  LC Nil  LC
 43  Chiroptera  Pteropodidae  Eonycteris  spelaea Cave Nectar Bat  LC Nil  VU
 44  Chiroptera  Pteropodidae  Macroglossus  minimus Lesser Long-tongued Nectar Bat  LC VU  VU
 45  Chiroptera  Pteropodidae  Penthetor  lucasi Dusky Fruit Bat  LC EN  CR
 46  Chiroptera  Pteropodidae  Pteropus  vampyrus Large Flying-Fox  NT Nil  CR
 47  Chiroptera  Rhinolophidae  Rhinolophus  refulgens Glossy Horseshoe Bat  NA Nil  LC
 48  Chiroptera  Rhinolophidae  Rhinolophus  morio Greater Woolly Horseshoe Bat  LC CR  CR
 49  Chiroptera  Rhinolophidae  Rhinolophus  sedulus Lesser Woolly Horseshoe Bat  NT Nil  CR
 50  Chiroptera  Rhinolophidae  Rhinolophus  stheno Lesser Brown Horseshoe Bat  LC Nil  CR
 51  Chiroptera  Rhinolophidae  Rhinolophus  trifoliatus Trefoil Horseshoe Bat  NT CR  EN
 52  Chiroptera  Hipposideridae  Hipposideros  bicolor Bicoloured Roundleaf Bat  LC Nil  EN
 53  Chiroptera  Hipposideridae  Hipposideros  cervinus Fawn Roundleaf Bat  LC Nil  CR
 54  Chiroptera  Hipposideridae  Hipposideros  cineraceus Ashy Roundleaf Bat  LC Nil  CR
 55  Chiroptera  Hipposideridae  Hipposideros  ridleyi Ridley’s Roundleaf Bat  VU Nil  CR
 56  Chiroptera  Megadermatidae  Megaderma  spasma Lesser False-Vampire  LC CR  EN
 57  Chiroptera  Emballonuridae  Emballonura  monticola Lesser Sheath-tailed Bat  LC CR  CR
 58  Chiroptera  Emballonuridae  Saccolaimus  saccolaimus Pouched Tomb Bat  LC Nil  LC
 59  Chiroptera  Emballonuridae  Taphozous  longimanus Long-winged Tomb Bat  LC Nil  CR
 60  Chiroptera  Emballonuridae  Taphozous  melanopogon Black-bearded Tomb Bat  LC EN  LC
 61  Chiroptera  Nycteridae  Nycteris  tragata Malayan Slit-faced Bat  NT CR  CR
 62  Chiroptera  Molossidae  Chaerephon  plicata Asian Wrinkle-lipped Bat  LC Nil  NE
 63  Chiroptera  Molossidae  Cheiromeles  torquatus Naked Bat  LC CR  CR
 64  Chiroptera  Vespertilionidae  Hypsugo  macrotis Big-eared Pipistrelle  DD Nil  CR
 65  Chiroptera  Vespertilionidae  Kerivoula  hardwickii Hardwicke’s Woolly Bat  LC Nil  CR
 66  Chiroptera  Vespertilionidae  Murina  suilla Lesser Tube-nosed Bat  LC CR  CR
 67  Chiroptera  Vespertilionidae  Myotis  horsfieldii Horsfield’s Myotis  LC Nil  LC
 68  Chiroptera  Vespertilionidae  Myotis  muricola Asian Whiskered Myotis  LC Nil  LC
 69  Chiroptera  Vespertilionidae  Pipistrellus  javanicus Javan Pipistrelle  LC Nil  LC
 70  Chiroptera  Vespertilionidae  Pipistrellus  stenopterus Narrow-winged Pipistrelle  LC CR  LC
 71  Chiroptera  Vespertilionidae  Scotophilus  kuhlii Lesser Asian House Bat  LC Nil  LC
 72  Chiroptera  Vespertilionidae  Tylonycteris  fulvida Lesser Bamboo Bat  NA CR  VU
 73  Chiroptera  Vespertilionidae  Tylonycteris  malayana Greater Bamboo Bat  LC Nil  VU

*Sambar were once extirpated in Singapore; recent populations are likely to be individuals escaped from captivity.



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Last updated on 11 May 2021

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